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WebinarJam: Registration Form Fields

This Article is for WebinarJam and EverWebinar




How can I add Registration Form Fields? 

An important part of webinars is collecting information.  Your registration page needs to be appealing enough to get customers to leave their name and email!

What Registration fields can I add?

With WebinarJam and EverWebinar you can collect the basics of just their first name and email. or add fields such as last name and phone number. Even better, you can make this mandatory or optional!

NOTE: We recommend optional because requiring a phone number or last name can actually decrease the number of registrants.


Adding Form Fields

You'll either want to create a new Full Customization Webinar or edit a webinar you already created with Full Customization.

Click on the Registration Tab (Displayed Below).

Choose "Registration Form Fields".


In the left column of this section you can choose to add the last name or phone number field by clicking the plus.

In the right column you can click the check to make a field mandatory or click the X to delete a field.

NOTE: Both First name and email are mandatory and cannot be removed.


What if I want to gather more information?

If you need to gather more information from your customers, then you may want to create a form on your own website, and then include an opt-in form to your own autoresponder.  

You can then create One Click Registration link to send to your email list, and once your registrants click that link they will be automatically registered for your webinar.