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Page: Frequently Asked Questions

Kartra Page Builder FAQ

Below are some of the Frequently Asked Questions about the Kartra Page Builder



Why aren’t changes showing on my page after I edit it?

Chances are you didn’t save correctly (it happens to the best of us).

Properly saving includes re-publishing your page live. When you click “save progress” your changes will save to Kartra’s internal servers. However, they won’t update your live page until you publish live. Fun Fact: If you publish your page live, the changes will also save in your Kartra account, even without you clicking “Save Progress.”



Can I add custom code to my pages? How do I do that?

Yes, you can! There’s a custom code block in the page builder called “Your Code.” Simply click on it and choose the format, and drag and drop it into your page, where you can then edit your code.




But I don’t see a YOUR CODE button in my page builder. How do I find it?

We promise, a “Your Code” button is there, but we’re guessing you’re working from a scaled-down screen. Smaller screen sizes obscure the button. All you have to do is maximize your screen or zoom out to view it. Pretty easy fix, huh?




How can I set up my pages to reflect my own domain?

Kartra gives you the option to use any domain or subdomain you own to point to your Kartra-hosted pages. However, before you can set up your pages to reflect your domain, you need to connect it with Kartra.  To do this, navigate to “Custom Domains” under your photo icon in the top right-hand corner of your Kartra account.


Kartra Custom Domains Dropdown



From there, click “+ Domain” and Kartra will walk you through the configuration process.

Once your domain is activated, you can now add it to each individual Kartra page. When you publish a page, the system will prompt the default Kartra-hosted link. Click on the EDIT button to modify it:
Kartra Pages Link


Finally, select your domain in the drop-down (Marked #1 Below), type your desired page name (Marked #2 Below), and click the SAVE button (Marked #3 Below).


Kartra Pages Link



My name and email address are already filled out in the opt-in form on my Kartra page. I don’t want users to see this! How can I make sure my form stays blank?

Have no fear! That’s just your cookies (the internet kind, not the tasty treats) at play. You’re looking at your opt-in form from your computer, which is reading your cookies. Other users will see their data in those fields because the form will read their cookies, not yours. Are you craving a cookie now as much as we are?



What if I want my page on WordPress?

You'll need a WordPress Plugin called Blank Slate and duct tape. 

Why duct tape? Because you always need duct tape. ;)   With Blank Slate, you'll be able to replace your page template with a "blank slate" which will allow the Kartra Code to create a page on your WordPress Website.  Then you can add the Kartra Code to that page or post in WordPress.  Read: Kartra Pages On Your WordPress