What do my WebinarJam Attendees Need?

This article is for WebinarJam.


Your WebinarJam attendees can log in and watch the webinar using any email address they like. However, if you are planning to use the Attendee Spotlight feature and call on them, they must log in with a gmail address.
We have created a checklist that will help manage expectations for your attendees and will go a long way towards ensuring both a positive experience and perception of your webinar, even if something goes wrong. Unfortunately, even the fastest, most reliable internet services (including Google) can experience unscheduled downtime or an unknown browser setting can cause a snafoo.
By explaining what can happen and how to solve it, this proactively offers guidance and prevents confusion while you're live.
Stressing the importance of keeping their webinar link handy and being ready to refresh their browser is especially important. We have created an Attendee Pre-Webinar Checklist as well as an explanation on a couple of ways to share it with your attendees.

What do They Need?

Your attendees will want to be certain they have the proper setup for viewing your webinars at the highest quality. 

Here are the suggestions we make:


Google Chrome will work best. We understand everyone uses different browsers but WebinarJam is optimized for use with Google Chrome. 

Internet Speeds

Your attendees will want to have internet speeds that meet our requirements. Otherwise, the webinar could appear blurry to them and pause/skip around. WebinarJam requires 3 mbps inbound and 4.5 mbps outbound at the very least for presenters (including attendees wishing to use attendee spotlight). For attendees that DON'T want to use spotlight there is some flexibility with these speeds but the ones mentioned are what we suggest.

Attendees will want to be viewing from a computer for the best experience. Other devices may be used but depending on the make/model users may have a different experience than those using a computer. 
Email Addresses

Your attendees are not limited by what email address they use and may use any email address. We highly suggest using a gmail address. 


How to Share with Your Attendees

Thank you page 

Simply copy the list and paste the text into your Thank You Page. This will alert your attendees to everything they need to have setup before attending the webinar.


Thank you page with an autoresponder

You can include your Thank You page link within your autoresponder. On this Thank You page we recommend including the following: 
Be sure to check your inbox for two emails.
  1. You'll receive the info you need to listen to the webinar.
  2. You'll also get a Confirmation email from my autoresponder. Please click the confirmation link to receive your free gift.


Add to Webinar Notifications

You will need to be able to Edit Webinar Notifications. Then you can either choose to add the list to a notification email!


Great Sticky Messages During the Webinar

During your Live Webinar you might need to remind your attendees about how to mark questions, when your question time is, or how to refresh. You can add these both as comments during your webinar or set them up as sticky messages.  

See How to Set a Sticky Message


Great Sticky for the start of the webinar

If you have Questions please click the bubble next to your comment to "Mark as question". - If you have video / audio issues, please refresh there's a button down below.  Or try another browser. There will be Q&A at the end of the broadcast.

Great Sticky for your Live Offer

For the next hour you can (offer name) at the special rate of (price). This is an incredible deal!  Go to (link here) to get it now!

Other Sticky messages

If it is blurry for you, Keep in mind YouTube automatically adjusts the bandwidth for you. You may have too much going on in the home. Someone watching Netflix, or HULU, or playing Xbox, or Pandora or Spotify etc... or videos on pause in the background. Shut off all stuff in background and it should clear up for you.
If you have video / audio issues, please refresh or try another browser.
Reminder: There will be Q&A at the end of the broadcast.