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WebinarJam: My Video Isn't Showing in the YouTube Video Manager

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I used YouTube Live as my Webinar Provider, but my Video isn't showing in my YouTube Video Manager.

If you're like everyone else, you'll be eager to see your webinar recording once the event is over. While your WebinarJam Replica Replay is available immediately, YouTube isn't quite as fast. It takes some time to appear in your YouTube Video Manager, where you go when you wish to download the recording.  The longer your WebinarJam Session is, the longer it will take for the video to encode and upload to YouTube. Generally, it takes about as long as the webinar broadcast aired (so a 90 minute webinar will appear in around 90 minutes).  

When it does appear, it may be fuzzy!

Even though YouTube is the fastest encoding around, it's not instant.  The lowest quality of video becomes available first (240p). After that, the 720p is ready.  Then, 1080p and 1280p versions become available. It's all just a matter of time and technology working together.


Where do I find my Webinar Video on YouTube?

If you used YouTube Live as your WebinarJam Provider, you should be able to find the video under Live Dashboard. Then it will move to My Videos. If you have the replay set up for private, the video will still show, but only people with the link will be able to see it.


YouTube Live Dashboard


It's hours later and it's still not there!

If after a few hours you still are unable to see your video in your Video Manager, it may have uploaded to a different YouTube channel than you intended.  

Go to your replay, click the "YouTube" link in the bottom right corner of the video. This will show you the video in YouTube, and you'll be able to see the channel and account it was added to just underneath the YouTube video (Marked #1 Below).


YouTube Live Dashboard