Welcome to our Affiliate Marketplace! Here, you will find products to promote as an affiliate to earn commissions.


Finding Products to Promote

To find the Marketplace, go to My Affiliate Promos (Marked #1 Below). You will be taken to the Marketplace (Marked #2 Below).



You can narrow your search by market (Marked #1 Below), Click "Nothing Selected" to narrow the market a bit further (Marked #2 Below).

Know the product you want to find, click the search magnifying glass (Marked #3 Below). You can also search by keyword.



Sorting Your Choices

You can sort your narrowed list by product, price, commission, or vendor.

Product Name

Once you see a product you're interested in promoting on your own pages, click its name to view the sales page and learn more about it (Marked #1 Below).


This is the total price of the product (Marked #2 Below).


The commission rate times the price can help you decide which product you want to promote (Marked #3 Below).


This column shows who is selling this product. If you prefer a specific vendor, this column can help (Marked #4 Below).

If your search list is longer, you can change the number of products displayed  (Marked #5 Below).




Becoming an Affiliate

Once you’ve decided to promote a particular product, click the product name to see the sales page (Marked #1 Below).

Click the Link button (Marked #2 Below) to go to the sign-up page for the affiliate program for that product.

Every product will have its own simple sign-up process. Most often, you click the Apply button and then Accept terms (if applicable) to apply as an affiliate.

You're on your way to making commission revenue. Enjoy using our Affiliate Marketplace!