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Analytics: Checking Transactions


Keeping track of your Transactions is an essential way to improve the success of your product. Kartra provides a breakdown of your Transactions.

From number of new tickets to number of agent responses, Kartra provides a detailed look into the metrics of your Helpdesk. This data can be used to help you decide how you will improve your customer service going forward.

How do we check the data?

Transaction Analytics

Transaction analytics are located by going under My Products on the left sidebar (Marked #1 Below), then Analytics in the upper menu (Marked #2 Below), and Transactions in the lower menu (Marked #3 Below).



Here you are presented with the list of your transactions.

Below you will see a graph with the most recent data captured from your sales. The graph populates data, by default, within the Last 30 Days.

However, you can use the filters above the chart to tailor the display to present the specific data you would like to see.