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How Can I Add a Social Media Image to My Page?

How to Configure

You can set your SEO and Social Media Parameters on your Kartra Page.

Please go to “Settings” (Marked #1 Below).

Then choose, "SEO Parameters" (Marked #2 Below).

Kartra Page SEO Settings



Page Title

You can modify your Kartra page to a Keyword Friendly Page Title for better SEO.

Page Meta Description

Your Page Meta Description is limited to 150 characters. We urge you to put the most important words first because this description appears in most search engines,

Page Meta Keywords

Meta Keywords appear in the HTML code of a Web page and can help search engines find your page. However, these are not used by all search engines.

Page Author

Allows you to add your name to your page.

Social Media / Open Graph

"Open Graph Protocol", or OG, communicates with Facebook and other social media. The title, URL, image and description of your blog post/page should be used when your content is shared on social media.

If the Open Graph fields are not filled out, most social media will use the meta description and title. The OG fields allow customization and confirmation of social media information.

Page OG: Title

The title for use on social media goes here.

Page OG: Description

Use the same information as your Meta Description or feel free to change it. The information will appear on most social media posts as your description.

Page OG: Image

This is the image that shows on your social media sites.

Kartra Page SEO Settings