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Affiliate: Payments: My Earnings


Earnings are displayed by each affiliate product and vendor. Earnings are reported and amounts owed and paid for each product are displayed. Month by month reporting is included. You can download a complete history of your earnings and payments here, in CSV format.

By Product or Date

You can sort the list of earnings by product or by date, which will display your earnings for each month (Marked #1 Below).

Product Column

If you sort by Product, you can see which vendor you earned commission from, (Marked #2 Below). Earned shows the total amount you have earned from them for that product. Owed showed how much of that they still owe you. And Paid shows how much you have been paid so far.

Download CSV

You can also download your earnings data as a CSV file. It will be sorted by Date and show the earnings date as totals, just like when you select the “by Date” tab (Marked #3 Below).


Kartra Earnings


Date Tab

If you sort by Date (Marked #1 Below), the individual products and vendors will not be displayed because your earnings data will be displayed as a total for each month.