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How Do I Charge for Registration?

This article is for: Legacy WebinarJam Users (Customers who joined prior to Sept 2017)

With both WebinarJam and EverWebinar, you can charge for your webinars.  
With WebinarJam you can set up a series of Multiple webinars and allow for a single payment that allows the purchaser to get links to all the webinars in the series. Read about How to Set up Multiple Webinars

How to Charge For Webinars

First, in the New Webinar setup.

Under the Monetization tab, (Marked #2 Below)

Click the "Charge to Register" option. (Marked #3 Below)

Add the Shopping Cart link, Payment Page Link, or PayPal Email Button Link to the "Link to Payment Checkout" (Marked #4 Below)

Add the "Registration Fee" (Marked #5 Below)

Some payment gateways require to know where the traffic will be coming from, so you may need the "Registration Page URL"  (Marked #6 Below)



How Do People Register for a Paid Webinar?

After your users have paid, you want them redirected to "Webinar post-payment page URL" (Marked #7 Below) This is where paid users will be finally able to register to your webinar.

NOTE: if your users don't get this link, they won't be able to actually register.

Some payment processors will redirect your paid users automatically.  But we recommend also sending a thank you email with the Post Payment URL. You might want to say something like... "Your registration may not be confirmed, please be sure to visit this link if you haven't already to complete your registration.... "(Marked #7 Below)

Confirm, then save and next. 




What Payment Gateways Can I Use?

We suggest Paypal or a shopping cart program. Many people have asked us about Stripe, there is not an link to payment page.  You've got to host a checkout form/page on your SSL-protected site.  Square is designed for physical products, so it doesn't work for webinars either.  

To set this up right, your payment gateway will need two things.

First, you will need a link to a payment page, add to cart link, or even payment button URL in order to accept payment.

Second, after the registrant has paid they will need to be redirected to the Post Payment URL (see #7 above). They can be redirected via an actual redirect, a link on a thank you page, or a link on an email.  The email and thank you page need to remind them that while they are paid, until they register, the webinar information will not be sent to you.

NOTE: PayPal does not always redirect people after purchasing.  We recommend you email everyone after making a purchase.



Alternative Solutions

While using our registration pages makes for the smoothest process, it's not absolutely necessary to do so when charging for your webinar.

If you wish to use an alternate page, one of these two solutions will help you.


Using the Post Payment URL

Using our registration page is not necessary when you charge for webinars. In some cases, it may be better to use your own shopping cart program, ClickFunnels, or LeadPages to send your customers to the payment processor.  

However after they have paid,  you want to make certain they get the Post Payment URL marked #7 above. This link needs to be sent to all buyers so they can complete their registration.  


Using a Free Webinar Page

Some customers leave their webinar as a free webinar.  But they set up a sales page with InfusionSoft, or other shopping cart program, ClickFunnels or LeadPages.  After their customers pay for the webinar, they send the customer to the regular Registration Page for their free webinar.