How do I reset my webinar?

This article is for: Legacy WebinarJam Users (Customers who joined prior to Sept 2017)

If you are seeing "Sorry You're Late ... This Webinar has Expired" or a replay on a webinar that "has not happened yet" then you may pressed the live room link and started a Webinar. Now WebinarJam thinks that a webinar has been started and is over.
There is not a way to reset the webinar once it has been tested.
Our recommendation is to help your registrants know to return when it is time for your webinar, and to "Enter the Room" about 30 minutes before the webinar so early attendees see sit tight.
So here are the steps to do that:
First, resave your webinar in a fresh browser after clearing your cookies.
We suggest setting up your replay to point to a page that says, "You are early! Please use the link below (date) and (Time) to attend the webinar", or something to that effect and include your Registration link so they can re-register/ go to your webinar at the correct time..

Then, 30-45 minutes before webinar start time, open up your room. This will allow anyone who logs in early to land on the "sit tight" screen. Then, at start time, click Start Broadcast. A new recording will be made and that is what will show when you change your replay settings back to Replica Replay.