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How Can I Download Webinar Chat?

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How do I see the chat from my webinar?

After your webinar, you can download your chat to read over, and review questions and comments your attendees made


Where is my chat?

After you have ended your webinar session, you can download your chat!

To do so, you need to visit Analytics, Select your webinar, and your session.  Then click the down arrow beside "Analytics: Inside Your Webinar" and then you'll see "Download Chat History" 


What if My Chat is not Available?

If you see "Transcript available when the webinar ends" and your WebinarJam session is over, then you may not have ended the webinar correctly.  You need to be sure to click "End Call" then click the red phone icon to end the webinar.

Ending the broadcast correctly is a necessary step to be sure your chat saves, becomes downloadable, and appears in your Replica Replay.

See How to End Your Webinar)

Fortunately WebinarJam will work to recover the chat, but you will need to wait 6 hours after your webinar ends.  If it is not available after that, then please contact us.



Foreign Languages and Webinar Chat

If your attendees speak a foreign language, you may need to open your file with NotePad or another text editor.  

When you click "Download" you should be presented with a popup that allows you to choose how to open or download.

  1. If you want to open the file, you will want to choose "Notepad" or another text editor from the dropdown.
  2. If you choose save the file, be sure to open with Notepad or another text editor.

If you are not given an option, you will need to change your browser settings.  If it saves, again be certain you open with NotePad or another Text Editor. 

If you plan to use the file in EverWebinar, read Uploading Chat to EverWebinar.