EverWebinar Replays

This article is for: Legacy EverWebinar Users (Customers who joined prior to Sept 2017)


A replay in EverWebinar is not a new recording. 

Enable the Replay

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By Enabling the Replay your EverWebinar Attendees can still watch the webinar if they missed the webinar time they signed up for.  The webinar will play with the specials and chat you set up originally but chat will be disabled.  


Set Webinar Replay Expiration

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Under "Set Webinar Replay Expiration" you can set a limit (in hours) on how long after the webinar session someone has registered for that they can see a replay.  So if you only want them to be able to see it 48 hours after their webinar time, you would put in 48.  


Allow users to send questions from the replay session.

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While a replay will not have chat, you can set up the webinar so that people can send questions, you simply need to add your email in the box.  Be warned some people will send chat comments, not realizing they should send questions.  


Display Social Media Buttons

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Display social media buttons allows a Facebook and a Twitter Button to be displayed at the bottom of the webinar page.