How do I bring in Attendees?

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How Can Attendees Speak during my webinar?

We call this the attendee spotlight. You can call this the hot seat, consulting made easy, bringing in attendees, etc... but with it you can invite any of your webinar attendees to join you in the presentation at any time. Your invitee will be able to speak, screen share, even broadcast their webcam. When their part is complete, you can change them back into "attendee-only mode".

During your webinar you can ask, "Does anyone want to speak? If so click the room tab and press the Request to Speak button." Or you can choose to invite an attendee by clicking beside their name!


  • Attendee Spotlight does not work on Facebook. 
  • You are still limited to 6 presenters, so you will want to return presenters to attendees to stay under the 6 limit.
  • Attendee Spotlight users need
    • to be using a desktop or laptop
    • a current Chrome, or Firefox
    • have a webcam or camera and microphone.


Attendee Request to Speak:

Your attendees can click "Request to speak" and then they will see the image below which allows them to cancel that request...




Admin Attendee Requests:

After they request to speak, you'll see their request to speak in your side bar on your ROOM tab of your control panel.

  1. Room tab is marked #1 Below
  2. Requests is marked #2 Below


If you see someone you want to make a presenter, ask if they want to be made a presenter.

Then hover over their name and to the right you'll see a hand you can click.



Installing WebinarJam

If you haven't used WebinarJam before, you will be taken to a screen to install it.

This varies per browser, but you will need to download the WebinarJam App/Plugin to your browser, then follow the steps as your browser advises.

While we recommend Chrome, browser configurations can vary. If something doesn't work in Chrome, it might in Firefox.

NOTE: You need to have current browsers. This does not work in Opera or Internet Explorer. Also, you do NOT need to use Private or Incognito windows.




Last Minute Webinar Checklist

You'll be taken to this screen that explains Do's and Don'ts that will improve the webinar experience for both you and your attendees.

Use this as a checklist before each webinar to confirm you and your household are ready!

After you've reviewed the list, scroll down and press the "Log into the Room" Button.

NOTE: If you see a warning that you are already an administrator, press Control F5 to refresh.




Test Your Video & Audio

Now you will be taken to a few screens that allow you to test your Video and Audio.



If you wish to change the Camera or Microphone, now is the time to look in your address bar for the Camera Icon as you control which Camera or Microphone directly within your browser.

You'll see something like the screen below, but the webcam icon may be elsewhere on the address bar if you use a different browser.



Be sure you can see your video and hear a bit of noise (which will sound like feedback, as WebinarJam is echoing to confirm there is sound).

If you don't see yourself or hear feedback "Try Again" and change your Camera and Microphone as described above. Be sure to keep trying until you see your video and audio. If it doesn't work, you may want to change to another browser or just go back to your attendee link to become an attendee again.


Once you've clicked yes, you'll be taken to a confirmed screen. You will repeat this for the following settings:
  • 1280 X 720 for HD / High Definition
  • 640 X 360 for SD /Standard Definition
  • 320 X 180 for LD / Low Definition



What you Will See

You will appear on a screen with other presenters.

Be sure to click the camera icon to turn your camera on. You will see an avatar until your camera is turned on.

If you see a gray box instead of an avatar or your video, that means your camera is not visible by WebinarJam. You will want to go back to being an attendee.



Presenter Controls

With the links at the top center, or in the lower left of your personal display you can choose to turn your microphone or camera on or off, or what definition displays.
  • 1280 X 720 for HD / High Definition
  • 640 X 360 for SD /Standard Definition
  • 320 X 180 for LD / Low Definition



JamSession Webinar Owner

As Webinar owner you will see the following:

Once your attendee becomes presenter they will appear on the screen, taking equal space as the other presenters. If they have a gray box instead of the attendee or an avatar it means their camera did not pass the video tests.


Admin Controls

As with any other presenter, you can maximize the presenter. You can mute them, or turn off their camera. These settings will be at the bottom of their screen on mouseover as you can see below.


  1. Room Owner (Marked #1 Below)
    • Whomever the webinar owner is, they will have the orange star.
  2. Maximize or Minimize(Marked #2 Below)
  3. Personal Microphone, Camera and Screenshare Controls (Marked #3 Below, also at the top center)
    • You'll see Microphone and Camera under co-presenters if they have them on. The webinar Owner and Room Administrators can turn them off other co-presenters.
  4. Grant Administrator Access. (Marked #4 Below)
    • If it's blue, then you can Revoke Administrator access
  5. Eject as Presenter (Marked #5 Below)




Return as Attendee

When you are ready to return them to an attendee, you have two options.


Option 1

You can "Eject as a presenter" (Marked #5 Above)


Option 2

Click View under Admin. Their name should be listed, then hover beside their name... you'll see a red box that says "Return as Attendee." (As shown below)

They'll go back to seeing the webinar as an Attendee.