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Creating a Broadcast in Kartra


Not long ago, Broadcast emails were more like a blast email... they were sent to EVERYONE on your list. Now things have changed. With Kartra Broadcast emails you can segment your list in a variety of different ways between the list they're on, the tags that are applied to each person, and so much more.

This means you can truly target a select audience from within your list so they'll get the emails they need to help them convert.  Plus, you can select a time to email them based on the best time and date to get better conversion for your market.

How do you set up a broadcast email?  


Setting up a Broadcast Email

Broadcast emails are located under My Communications on the left sidebar (Marked #1 Below) and Campaigns in the upper menu (Marked #2 Below).

In the bottom right corner is a green plus box that allows you to add a new broadcast. Once you press it, you'll see a pop up appear like below.

Name of Broadcast

Be sure to make this a name you can recognize (Marked #3 Below).


You can choose a category for your email for sorting purposes or choose "None in particular" (Marked #4 Below).




On this section you can choose to use either an email or SMS gateway.  

Then you can choose which email gateway from the dropdown that you want to use for this broadcast message. After you select the gateway, the sender information will appear.





You'll see three different dropdowns on this tab.  You can pick from a wide variety of choices on the first dropdown including: Everybody in my database, Has not opened email, Lead's subscription date was, Has visited page, etc.

This first dropdown choice will change the second dropdown and the third.

Once you've added a list requirement, you'll see your choices appear in a gray box, like below, that says: "Subscribed to list: Kartra Support List".

Then you'll see numbers appear. These numbers are:

  1. Leads Selected = The total leads within your requirements.
  2. Emails Filled in = Occasionally you'll have leads who have come in from other means so they may not have an email address.
  3. Blacklisted = These are emails that have not passed the email verification system.
  4. Total to send = (Emails NOT filled In) - (Blacklisted).





For many, this is the fun part of email creation.  In the first part you are going to choose the email broadcast type. This means one email or A/B Split test.

One Email

This creates one email.

A/B Split Test

This means creating two emails with minor differences to see which one gets better responses from your audience.



Email Builder

Now the email builder will appear.  

Basic or Advanced

With the Basic or Advanced slider (Marked #1 Below) you can choose to use either the basic text editor to create your email or the advanced builder that allows you to add various content elements.


You want your email to have a title (Marked #2 Below) that encourages your readers to open it. But, do not be tempted to fabricate or use a far fetched title to get them to open the email. This can actually cause people to distrust your campaigns. 

Dynamic Variables

Dynamic variables are shortcodes that allow you to make an email sound more personal by using first name, address, or other individualized information within the email body.

Design Templates

If you choose advanced, you can choose a Template or Design Elements such as text, images, buttons, and more to add to your email content. 

Send Test Email

Press this button (Marked #4 Below) if you want to see the email before mailing it to your list or if you want to send it to someone within your company.

Save as a Template

If you have designed an email you really like, you'll be able to save it as a template (Marked #5 Below).




There is more than one way to edit if you use the advanced setting. Note there are two different color edit boxes, but they are also in opposite corners of the box to help you recognize the difference between them. 

Add Element

Once you select a type of element such as Text or Images, you'll have a variety of choices that you can drag and drop over to your email.

Cyan/Right Side Edit

The Right Side Edit box (Marked #2 Below) allows you to edit the element. This includes changing the background color, adding a border, and changing padding (the space above and below the element).  See the next section for more information.

Purple/Left Side Edit

On the Left Side (Marked #3 Below) is the editor that allows you to change the text or the picture. If you are changing the text, once you click the text button you'll see a basic text editor.

Basic Text Editor

This Editor allows you to change font, font style, font size, alignment and more.



Cyan/Right Side Edit

As mentioned above, the Right Side Edit box allows you to edit the element.


Here you can add HTML Color Code to change the background color. Visit http://html-color-codes.info/ for a color chart.

Border Top/Border Bottom

You can add the width in pixels that you want the border top and bottom, and again choose an HTML color code.

Padding Top/Bottom

This is the amount of space you want above and/or below the element.




Once you are done creating your email, press "Save and Next" at the bottom of the screen, or press "Save as a Template" if you want to use it later.



Define Goals

If you want to define campaign goals, this optional step allows you to do that.  Press new automation and you'll see the screen below.

This is based on:

IF a lead opens an email or doesn't or clicks a link or doesn't.

THEN you can add specific tags, move the customer to another list. or otherwise identify that person.




This tab lets you choose to Send Now, Schedule to send your email later, or Save your draft.




Scheduling your Email

If you choose schedule, you need to set up a date and time.

Click the calendar to choose a date.

Click the clock and you'll see a 24 hour clock appear.  To select 7:30pm, select the 19 and then the clock will change to 5 minute increments. 

NOTE: All emails are sent out based on Eastern Time Zone.