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WebinarJam: About Facebook Live as a Webinar Provider

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If you are creating a Full Configuration webinar, you have the option to choose Facebook Live as your webinar provider. 

NOTE: You will only be able to choose Webinar Provider under the Full Configuration.

NOTE: This is not available to with Legacy Users without an Upgrade.

Click the pencil to select your webinar provider.

WebinarJam Configuration Choose Channel


About Facebook Live

This option is exciting! It means you can have your webinar displaying for all the friends on your page or your personal wall (or just yourself) and is a great way to get in front of an audience who might not normally attend a webinar. 

NOTE: Once you connect to a Facebook channel, that channel will be for all your future Facebook WebinarJam sessions until you reset it. For each webinar you can change your privacy or page settings.

Facebook does have its limitations. You will need to connect WebinarJam to your Facebook account.  Since the webinar will be displayed on Facebook and not on our interface, File Sharing, Offers, and Polls, which normally occur in the sidebar, are not possible. You can, however, share a link to your offer as a comment or on a slide as a visual link.  

Because Facebook allows both companies and individuals to watch for Copyright Infringements and set up unique requirements, you must be careful to display only videos that are yours. 



Connecting to Facebook Live

Select Facebook live. You will see a blue "Connect to Facebook" button (Marked #1 Below).

Click it.

You may be asked to Login to Facebook if you aren't already logged in (Marked #2 Below).

WebinarJam Configuration Choose Channel


You will see a permissions box stating, "WebinarJam will receive your public profile and email address." These are necessary for WebinarJam to display on your Facebook Page. 

Press "Continue as (Your Name)".

WebinarJam Configuration Choose Channel

You will then see another permissions box. This time it will ask, "WebinarJam would like to post to Facebook for you. Who can see WebinarJam Live's posts on your Timeline?"

While you can choose different options besides friends, this will limit who can see your webinar.

WebinarJam Configuration Choose Channel

You will then see a pages permissions box. It will ask, "WebinarJam would like to manage your Pages and publish as Pages you manage."

This allows WebinarJam to connect as a page, which allows you to share your webinar to those on your pages or outside your normal friend circle.

WebinarJam Configuration Choose Channel

Now your Facebook account is connected. The button should be green as displayed below. The Facebook Channel name will appear below the button. To change the channel, press reset (Marked #1 Below).



Facebook Privacy and Page Settings

After you have connected to a Facebook channel all your future Facebook WebinarJam sessions will be on that channel until you reset it. However, when you set up a Facebook Webinar you will be able to choose your Privacy and Page settings per each webinar.

Privacy Settings

You can choose Privacy Settings from "Visible to Everyone", "Only visible to my Facebook friends" or "Only visible to me (for testing purposes)" (Marked #2 Below).

If you want your friends to see your test, we recommend a setting other than "Only visible to me (for testing purposes)".

Publish On 

You can choose from "My Facebook Wall" or a "Facebook Page" or a "Facebook Group"  (Marked # 3 Below).

Facebook Wall will be on your personal Facebook wall.

Facebook Pages are a great way to share with people who may not be on your friends list.

Facebook Groups can be used if you are an admin of the group. It's a great way to share your webinar with various different people or limit it to a private group to restrict access to the webinar.

Page or Group

If you selected Facebook Page or Group, another drop down will appear (Marked #4 Below) that allows you to choose which Facebook page or Group you want to use for the webinar.

Once you have picked your settings for the webinar, be sure to confirm (Marked #5 Below). 

WebinarJam Configuration Choose Channel




Facebook Replays

Your Replay will be on your Facebook wall or page.  In order to download your Facebook recording you will first need to go to your replay links.

Go to "Your Links" (Marked #2 Below).


On the popup that appears:

  1. Click the replays tab (Marked #1 Below).
  2. Pick your session from the drop down (Marked #2 Below).
  3. The Replay Link is the next section (Marked #3 Below).
  4. To download your replay click the down arrow icon (Marked #4 Below).
  5. To go to the replay, click the second icon with the arrow out (Marked #5 Below).