WebinarJam: What does my Co-Presenter Need?

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Do you have a Co-Presenter? What does a Co-Presenter Need?

This article is for webinar owners and co-presenters to help co-presenters get started right. With WebinarJam you can have a maximum of 6 Presenters on at one time. 



How Do I Share the Links with my Co-Presenter?

We strongly suggest running a test session with co-presenters to make certain everyone can get connected. Read our Article on Webinar Testing to learn more.

To send your co-presenter a link, you can click "send Email" to the right of their live room link (Marked #4 below).

But we recommend that you copy the link, the link to this article, and the link to the CoPresenter Checklist


WebinarJam Presneter links




What Does a Co-Presenter Need?

Co-presenters will need to have:

  • Each Co-presenter needs a different email.
  • A camera, and a microphone. A webcam will work.
  • Earbuds or a headset, or it could causing echoing for the viewers.
  • Read over the Webinar CoPresenter Checklist.  This list helps make the presentation flow a bit smoother.  You may also want to review some of the items with your Presenter.
  • Your Presenter needs to email you a link that looks like this.... https://events.genndi.com/adminlogin/code/longpersonalizedcode Note the /adminlogin/  
    • If you see superadmin the WebinarOwner sent you their link.  
    • If you see /cp/adminlogin/ then that link is actually for a Control Panel, which is used by moderators.




What Happens During a Webinar?

The first time a co-presenter logs in with their link, they will need to download a WebinarJam plugin give permission to WebinarJam. The steps below should help! :)

First, they will see "Last Minute Checklist" it may look similar to below. This offers some of the advice from above to help them set up their home environment to make your webinar a better!




Test Your Video & Audio

Now you will be taken to a few screens that allow you to test your Video and Audio.


If you wish to change the Camera or Microphone, now is the time to look in your address bar for the Camera Icon as you control which Camera or Microphone directly within your browser.

You’ll see something like the screen below, but the webcam icon may be elsewhere on the address bar if you use a different browser.


Be sure you can see your video and hear a bit of noise (which will sound like feedback, as WebinarJam is echoing to confirm there is sound).


Once you’ve clicked yes, you’ll be taken to a confirmed screen. You will repeat this for the following settings:

  • 1280 X 720 for HD / High Definition
  • 640 X 360 for SD /Standard Definition
  • 320 X 180 for LD / Low Definition

PreWebinar Room / "Green Room"

If you were invited to the webinar before the webinar starts you'll be in what some call a "Green room" because it functions as a waiting room for the presenters. You can invite your co-presenters and discuss the webinar with them before starting your event.

Be sure to turn on your camera and microphone before going to the next step.


What you Will See

If you have multiple presenters, each of you will be given an equal amount of screen. Below is what it looks like with 4 presenters. Remember, you can have up to 6 presenters at a time.


Presenter Controls

There are several things you can control in the presenter screen. The controls below will appear only on mouse over.

  1. Room Owner (Marked #1 Below)
    • Whomever the webinar owner is, they will have the orange star.
  2. Maximize or Minimize (Marked #2 Below)
  3. Personal Controls (Marked #3 Below, also at the top center)
    • The icons are Camera, Microphone, and Screenshare
    • If you are a Room Administrator You'll see Microphone and Camera under co-presenters if they have them on. .
  4. This only displays if you are an Administrator: if you see it you can Grant Administrator Access. (Marked #4 Below)
    • If it's blue, then you can Revoke Administrator access
  5. This only displays if you are an Administrator: Eject as Presenter (Marked #5 Below)

Below are links to sidebar controls and information on each tab



Errors and Issues

Getting a Sit Tight Message

This happens when the webinar owner is not logged in before the presenter. Read our article about what happens when the Webinar Owner is Not Logged in.