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Moderating and Live Chat Link for EverWebinar

This article is for: WebinarJam Studio Users


While EverWebinar is a completely automated process, you can if you want moderate a webinar or hire someone else to moderate the webinar. They can see chats as they are happening during your EverGreen Webinar.



What if I don't have a Moderator?

You don't have to worry about people deciding to bash your product on your webinar, because they only see the chat that you have programmed in and the chat that attendee is adding.


Does this mean my Attendees can't see each other?

Actually, each Attendee is in their own Webinar Room.

The attendee will see your programmed chat, and if you are moderating, they'll see your responses as well.

This can seem confusing, but it's for your own protection so that you don't have to worry about attendees bashing your product, or not being able to moderate a webinar.



Where is the EverWebinar Moderator Link?

The Moderator link is called a Live Chat link.  

  • You can find it under My Webinar, then scroll all the way to the right under "Ready to Get Started" links,
  • Click Go Live
  • In the pop up you'll want to click the "Log in the live chat room" tab.
  • Under it you''ll see the Live Chat link (Marked #1 Below)


What Does a Moderator Do?

The Moderator can see attendee chat, and attendee questions.  The moderator can respond back or use the Question and Answer section to answer the webinar attendee. They can also see how many people are attending and if there are other moderators.


What Does an Attendee see?

From the image below, you can see the comments from the image above mixed in with the chat that was saved in Live Tab when the webinar was set up.  The Attendee's chat looks like the regular chat.