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WebinarJam: Install WebinarJam on Your Browser

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How do I install WebinarJam on my browser?

Webinar Owners and Presenters may need to add a plugin to their browser, if you use Chrome or Safari.  But if you use Firefox, there's nothing to add.


Do my attendees need to install WebinarJam on their browsers? 

Attendees will be able to access from any browser of their choice! No install required.


When do I need to install WebinarJam on my browser?

When you start your first webinar or attend as a presenter, the browser extension will be downloaded onto your computer. By leaving the extension installed and the plugin enabled, you will be able to join future webinars more quickly by avoiding the download and installation process. 

We highly recommend using Chrome. Please be sure it's the current version. Download Google Chrome WebinarJam can be used on both the current version and one previous major release of Firefox and Safari, as well.  

Below are instructions on installing on each browser.

For other requirements see: WebinarJam Requirements

IMPORTANT NOTE: Other browsers do not work and will result in a Browser Incompatibility Warning. Failure to use a current browser creates issues, such as the microphone or webcam not being recognized. While Safari and Firefox work, they do not work as well as Chrome. I you run into trouble, we recommend switching to Chrome.



How do I install WebinarJam on Chrome?

When you run your first webinar or join as a presenter, you will see a screen similar to below. The WebinarJam JamSession extension will upload automatically by pressing the "Install" button.

The extension is called the WebinarJam ScreenSharing Extension, which records and broadcasts the audio and video, to your audience. Press the "Add Extension" button to add WebinarJam to your Chrome browser.

The extension is now added and will direct you to the Last Minute Checklist and Audio and Video Tests. See our "Starting a Webinar" article for more information.


What if I want to use Chrome Incognito with WebinarJam?

Using an Incognito window is not necessary for WebinarJam. However, if you prefer to use it, you can!

Open your Chrome Extension settings to enable our WebinarJam Screen Sharing plugin in incognito.

To change the settings, go to chrome://extensions/

Look for the WebinarJam ScreenSharing extension and click the "Allow in Incognito" box underneath. Then go back to WebinarJam and Press "Try Again".

Alternative Instructions to get to Extensions: 

  • You can also click the three dots in the upper right corner of your chrome browser (Marked #1 Above).
  • Click Settings (Marked #2 Above).
  • Click Extensions (Marked #3 Above).
  • Look for the WebinarJam ScreenSharing Extension.
  • Click "Allow in Incognito" (Marked with an arrow above).


Download Now

To download WebinarJam before your webinar, click the button below to download from the Google Chrome Web store.



How do I install WebinarJam on Firefox?


Firefox has a Native API so it is very easy, because there is no installation process. It should automatically load and be ready to use.

If you have issues with Firefox, please try Chrome.

Warning: You must a current version of Firefox.




How do I Install WebinarJam on Safari?

Warning: You must use a current version of Safari. If you have issues with Safari, please try Chrome.

When you run your first webinar, you will see a screen similar to below. Press the button to download "WebinarJam.pkg", which is the WebinarJam program.

Double click to install.


You'll see a screen similar to below, which asks if it's ok to install the WebinarJam WebRTC plugin.

Click "Continue".


Next, a pop up appears with a message that advises how much space the WebinarJam plugin will require.

Press "Install".

Give Safari your username and password. This is Safari confirming you wish to install the plugin. After you've added your name and password, click "Install Software".

Safari will now ask if it is ok to trash the WebinarJam Installer.

Click "Move to Trash".

And finally, Safari is now going to ask, "Do you want to trust the website 'app.webinarjam.com?'"

Click "Trust".

Once the add-on is installed, go back to WebinarJam and press "Try Again".



Browser Incompatibility

If you see the following error, your browser is incompatible.

Not all browsers are compatible at this time. Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox are OK. Internet Explorer and Edge are not compatible. Our recommendation? Google Chrome is the fastest by far! Browser incompatibility is for presenters only. Your attendees will be able to access from any browser of their choice!