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Do I need to register for Google Hangouts or YouTube?

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Do I need YouTube Live for WebinarJam?

Absolutely not! :)  WebinarJam broadcasts to dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of webinar attendees using its own high-tech, super-reliable, unwatermarked streaming network called JamCast. It's a cinch to use, requiring no third party integration WHATSOEVER.

WebinarJam does not use Hangouts live, and as long as you purchased on or after August 14 (or you've purchased the JamCast upgrade) you don't ever need to use YouTube Live. That said, if you want to broadcast to your YouTube Live audience, WebinarJam does that, too.

Check out this article on how to set up your YouTube Live configuration with WebinarJam.



Now, if what you you're really asking is "Do I need to download any special software to use WebinarJam," there are two answers:

  1. Attendees, don't need to download anything! :)
  2. For presenters, it depends on your browser. It may need a plugin and if it does, the process should start automatically. But here's some help on Installing the WebinarJam Plugin after it downloads.