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WebinarJam: Differences Between Your Links and Run a Test

This article is for WebinarJam:


I see the buttons "Run a Test" and "Your Links," but what is the difference between these two?

The big difference between "Run a Test" and "Your Links" is the purpose. "Run a Test" is for practice mode, additional differences are explained below. "Your links" is where you will get the links to be used for your live Webinar.

A TEST Mode WebinarJam (Marked #1 Below) has the following differences between a LIVE Webinar Jam.

  1. "Test Your Webinar" registrants will not appear in analytics, as this is a test webinar.
  2. "Test Your Webinar" registrants will not receive all the notifications, as this is a test webinar.
  3. "Test Your Webinar" will not appear in the on-demand marketplace.
  4. "Test Your Webinar" are not included auto-subscribe feature if you have it enabled.


This prevents those of us who like to practice our webinars in our jammies from embarrassment later. Otherwise, you log in and start your webinars, either test or live, using an identical process.

This is because WebinarJam basically clones your Live Webinar settings within the test, so you you will be able to be able to test any videos, polls, chats, and see how an offer displays during your testing. After all, you want to be able to try everything out first before you present it live! 





Okay, So How Do I Test A Webinar?

We strongly recommend that you regularly run test Webinars, both to keep yourself familiar with our system and to help you during your live event. 

And while it may be tempting to test your actual WebinarJam Session please ensure you do not. Doing so will cause problems within your live webinar when the time does come to actually host it. This is why the Test Links option is provided. 

We've actually created a video, shown below, to demonstrate how and why to run test webinars within WebinarJam! 


Read our article on Testing Your Webinar for more details on how to run your test webinar.




When do I use "Your Links"?

If you use "Your Links" for a test webinar, then you could wind up with a test webinar displaying as a replay for registrants and attendees.  When you use the links inside "Your Links" you are using the links associated with the Webinar you want to use with attendees.

  • Use "Your Links" to get the registration page to invite people to register for your webinar.
  • Use "Your Links" for presenter links, only at the time and date of your webinar, so your registrants can see you on your webinar. 
  • Use "Your Links" after the webinar to you get your replay.