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Important First Step: Set Up Your Kartra Profile

Why Set Up My Kartra Profile?

This may seem like an almost boring first step, but your Administrative Profile is possibly the most important thing you will set up in Kartra. First and foremost, this is where you will find your personal details. More importantly, this is where you set your business details.

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How Do I Edit My Kartra Profile?

To get to your Profile, click on the silhouette of a head in a circle that appears in the upper right of every page in Kartra. And that little silhouette can be replaced with a photo of your choosing, so don't worry.  

Kartra Profile


This will pull up a dropdown menu that will give you several great choices, but for this quick start, let's go with your profile.

Kartra Profile

Your profile is important to edit because it allows you to add the information for your business, like your business name, your logo, your tax id and more information. In addition, you will be able to add your personal name, address, phone number, and also update your password.




Why Can't I Save My Profile Information?

Any changes you make on the profile page will require that you re-enter the answer to your security question, which will appear as a popup when you press save. If you press the save button and nothing happens, then look for a redline with "Required" listed in one of the fields (Marked #1 Below).




How Can I Change Currency Settings?

If you are from a country outside of the United States or use another currency more often, then you will want to change your currency settings.

In the top part of your profile, you will see "Account Currency" from the dropdown (Marked #2 Below) you can choose a currency for all of your product sales. This is a universal setting for all your products, your customers can choose different currencies on the checkout page.



Your first goal is to change your logo. We recommend using a PNG, with a transparent background. Recommended size for your logo is 250 wide x 50 tall pixels (Marked #3 Below).

By adding your logo on your profile page you can easily drag and drop your logo throughout Kartra, without having to upload it every time.



Where Do I Add My Company Name?

Like the Logo, by adding your company name (Marked #4 Below) to the Profile means the Kartra program can add that information where you need it.  



Where Can I Add My Sales Tax ID?

Next, and even more important for an online business, is the addition of your Sales Tax ID (Marked #5 Below).

This number is known in the US as your Federal Tax ID Number or your Employer ID Number (FEIN). If you are in the EU, you may use your VAT (or Value Added Tax) ID Number here. In Australia and New Zealand, the number will be the Goods and Services Tax (or GST) ID. We recommend finding out what tax number may be required in your area for selling goods and services.



Can I change my profile picture?

Yes, you can change your Profile Picture (Marked #6 Below).  

To edit, click your Profile Picture. You will then be able to upload a picture from your computer. You will then see your picture appear in an editor, where you can crop your profile picture as you like.  Be sure to press confirm when done.

NOTE: When you mouse over your Profile Picture in your Profile Mode you will see a pencil appear. 

You will see your profile picture in the upper right of your screen and in various other places throughout Kartra. 



Can I Change the Color of My Kartra?

Yes, you can change the color of the left sidebar (Marked #7 Below).  

By clicking the Interface box, you can add an HTML Color Code, or select a color from the color picker. 


Kartra Profile Required




How Can I Add My Social Media to Kartra?

Additionally, on the list are fields for your website and social media pages. Similar to your logo and company name, these details can be easily added throughout Kartra such as when creating pages.

Please note, in Kartra you need to use specific links.  Each is indicated as below,  where XXXX is your personal ID.

  1. Your website URL: use http://xxxx   (Marked #1 Below)
  2. Facebook uses https://www.facebook.com/XXXX (Marked #2 Below)
  3. Google requires your plus link with your Google Plus ID number https://plus.google.com/+XXXX (Marked #3 Below)
  4. Twitter: https://twitter.com/XXXX (Marked #4 Below)
  5. LinkedIn uses only your personal link: https://www.linkedin.com/in/XXXX (Marked #5 Below)

Kartra Profile Required




Finish Your Profile

Once you have completed everything you want to be added to your profile, you will scroll to the top and press save.

You should see a popup appear that will require that you re-enter the answer to your security question. If press save and nothing happens, then look for a redline with "Required" listed in one of the fields. (Marked #1 Below)

Kartra Profile Required



Your profile set up is complete!