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Affiliate: Tax Documentation



Under Kartra Payment settings, you will see a couple different tabs that need information filled out so you will get paid as an affiliate.  Please See Payment Settings for information on the other sections.

We recommend filling out as much of the information as possible as it can help you get paid.

NOTE: You will need to enter your security answer to save your choice.

  • Affiliate Payment Settings (Marked #1 Below)
  • Tax Documentation (Marked #2 Below)


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Tax Documentation

The second section is for your tax documentation.

This is optional for you to use Kartra for Affiliate sales, but it may be required by your vendor. Check with them to make sure whether or not you need to submit tax documents.

Some US-based vendors may require your W9 or W8-BEN tax form filled in before they can submit your payment. You might want to fill it in right away to avoid delays in your payments.

We have four different statuses from which to choose (Marked #1 Below).

  • US citizen living in USA
  • US citizen living abroad
  • Non US citizen using a US address
  • Non US citizen using a Non US address

Each of these will have you fill out either a W9 or a W8 (Marked #2 Below), both of which are required US official tax documents. We recommend checking with the IRS and your local tax professional for information on how to complete the forms.

Below are links to the official instructions by the IRS.  

You will need to enter your security answer to save your documentation.