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How to Integrate Twilio for SMS Messages

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The system is set up to accept Twilio for SMS Messaging. You can sign up here: https://www.twilio.com/try-twilio

Their pricing is very reasonable. However, it is an optional feature and not necessary to run your webinars.

By integrating Twilio with WebinarJam notifications, you can send SMS Text and Voice Messages to those who want to get Webinar updates via their phone.




Create an Account With Twilio

Creata a Twilio Account at https://www.twilio.com/try-twilio

Complete the required fields: name, email and password.

Click the "Get Started" button.


You will then need to verify you are human by sending yourself a verification code.

This will create a trial account which will only send messages to verified numbers in specific countries.


Get a Phone Number

You'll need a phone number. Go to: https://www.twilio.com/console/phone-numbers/getting-started.

There, you'll see a big red button (see below) that says, "Get Your First Twilio Number".



This opens a pop up that will offer a phone number. You can choose to accept the number or choose a different one. You will need this number to integrate with WebinarJam. 




Gathering the Integration Information

To Integrate with WebinarJam, you need three pieces of information.

To get this information, go to the Twilio.com/console.

Twilio Account SID

Under your Console Dashboard you will see the Twilio Account SID. Copy this code  (Marked #1 Below).

Twilio Auth token

Your Twilio Auth Token is hidden. To see the code press the "eye" icon, then you can copy it (Marked #2 Below).

Twilio phone number

Click the # Phone numbers section to go to the phone number page (Marked #3 Below), or go to Twilio.com/console/phone-numbers/incoming




Get Your Phone Number

On the this page: Twilio.com/console/phone-numbers/incoming, you should see the phone number (Marked #2 Below).

If you don't see it, be sure you are on "Active Numbers" (Marked #1 Below) and be sure to have a phone number.





Adding the Twilio Integration

There are two places you can integrate Twilio.


Adding Twilio to Your Profile

Adding it here let's you use the Twilio Integration on all your webinars. 

Go to your profile (Marked with an arrow below).


When the popup opens, click Integrations (Marked #1 Below).

Click "SMS Gateways" (Marked #2 Below).

Your Twilio Account SID (Marked #3 Below), Your Twilio Auth Token (Marked #4 Below), and your Twilio Phone Number (Marked #5 Below) can be added here.

Do not include dashes in your phone number.

To send yourself a verification text, enter a valid phone number and press "Send Test SMS" (Marked #6 Below).

Press Connect  (Marked Connected Below).  To change your account press "Reset" (Marked #7 Below).





Adding to Your Webinar

To add Twilio only to a specific webinar, go to the Notifications section within your Webinar (Marked #1 Below).

Click "Call/SMS" (Marked #3 Below).

If you added Twilio to "My Profile" this information will automatically appear here. However, if you want to add a different account or limit the integration to specific webinars, you'll complete the form here.

Your Twilio Account SID (Marked #1 Below), Your Twilio Auth Token (Marked #2 Below), and your Twilio Phone Number (Marked #3 Below) can be added here.

Be sure to save (Marked #4 Below).




Creating Your SMS

SMS (and voice) will only be delivered 15 minutes before the webinar. For the SMS message, be sure to remind your attendees to check their email to get the last minute link and any other last minute information (Marked #1 Below).

Click the "Send Test SMS" button to check your text (Marked #2 Below).

Save (Marked #3 Below).

Be sure to Confirm your notifications for the page to save.