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Campaign: Sequences


Sequences are a predetermined series of actions that will occur based on the behavior of your Leads, such as opting in to receiving emails, being assigned a tag, or making a purchase.

This is the dashboard for your sequences. It will show you

  1. Your sequences by name.

  2. The number of subscriptions in each sequence.

  3. The number of completed sequences.

  4. The number of active actions.

  5. You can clone, edit, or delete.



Creating a Sequence

  1. Add in the name of your sequence, up to 40 characters; this is for your reference only and will not be seen by your customers.

  2. Add in the public name of your sequence, up to 80 characters. This is what users will see if they are looking to subscribe or unsubscribe from your sequence.

  3. Then click Create when you are ready.




Create a Rule

Your first step is to create a starting rule. This will be the action which triggers the entire sequence of communication

You’ll see here that you can trigger sequences based on opt-in forms, tags, lists, orders, page visits, integrate it with another sequence, or even create an automation.


You can click and drag any of the options in this menu into your sequence. Each action will trigger the next in the sequence, until it is complete.



Sequence Menu

You’ll notice at the top of this page are a few menu choices.

  1. You can work in your main sequence, or add a sub sequence (Marked # Below)

  2. Choose to arrange items horizontally or vertically (Marked # Below)

  3. And can zoom in and out (Marked # Below)

  4. Click Done & Exit when you are finished working in your sequence (Marked # Below)