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How is EverWebinar Different from Replica Replays?

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WebinarJam Replica Replay

A Replica Replay is served to on-demand to your registrants. Your attendee knows they are watching a replay of something that was live, but is now a recording. They know they can watch it whenever they like, as often as they wish.
It is like recording a favorite show on Sunday to watch it days later when it is convenient for them. They know it is not live and it does not matter to them. They just want the content on demand.


It's 100% Event-Based - on a certain date and time - not on-demand.
It is designed to mimic all the components and atmosphere of a live webinar.
Think of it this way... People go to the movies to see something pre-recorded. But, they want to see it in a packed theater with other excited movie watchers. EverWebinar creates that simulated experience, as a live webinar or live event, to increase engagement with anyone watching along with those built-in social triggers to increase conversion in your marketing.
You create a webinar with Webinar Jam and once you get a high converting webinar, then you take the recording of that webinar… ...and make it an automated webinar with EverWebinar. EverWebinar simulates the live webinar experience for your customers, and operates completely automated. You don't even have to log in to push a button to start a webinar. It's a software service. So there's nothing for you to install, upload, host... EverWebinar handles it all.
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