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WebinarJam: Ending Your Webinar like a Professional

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How can I prevent the end of my webinar getting cut off?

Because there is a slight time delay that comes from WebinarJam's Encoding process, when you press the end Webinar button immediately after completing your presentation, to your audience it may seem abrupt or even occur mid-sentence. 

However, with a slight pause or even better a planned and official ending, it helps encourage the audience to look at your offer or visit your website!


How Can I End the Webinar like a Professional?

Display a End Webinar Slide

We suggest that presenters create an END WEBINAR slide and use it to display once their presentation is complete.

You can continue to display this while allowing chats to finish up naturally and make certain all questions are answered.


Display a Sticky

If you are using the Webinar Providers JamCast or YouTube Live, add a sticky note with a link to your website or Offer.


Then, when it's time to end the call...

"Redirect Attendees to a URL"

Add your URL starting with http:// then click Redirect. Some will have settings on their individual computers, such as ad or pop-up blockers, that may prevent them from being redirected. This is why the previous two steps are so important.



How do I end the Broadcast? 

Look for the Phone Icon in the top center (Displayed Below).

Click it.

WebinarJam will ask, "End Event"?

Click "Yes" if you are ready.



What are the Benefits of Ending this way?

Business Benefit

Your End screen can include your logo, your website link, or any information you want to share with your audience.  This allows you to have your promotional materials (in chat, in offers, or even on the end screen) in front of your audience for longer, while moderators wrap up any chats.

Then, at the very end of the webinar, rather than close your webinar window, use the URL redirect.  You can use this feature to redirect all users away from the webinar page and onto the URL of your choice. This way, after you're finished and have left, you don't have attendees sticking around and chatting in an un-moderated chat room.


Video Benefit

If you showed offers or your website in WebinarJam, they can now see a link or offer on your end screen. This means even those who watch your video on something other than WebinarJam can know were to go.

Also, when people watch the replay on places other than WebinarJam, they will naturally know when the webinar has ended. With an professional ending they are more likely to go to your link, rather than watching the next recommended video.  This encourages increased engagement with you and your product.