SendGrid Integration with EverWebinar

This article is for: Legacy EverWebinar Users (Customers who joined prior to Sept 2017)

Guide to setting up the SMTP service, SendGrid, read more at How do I edit the Email Notifications


How to Integrate with SendGrid

Email notifications cannot be edited with the exception of send time unless you verify your phone number or use your own SMTP server to send the notifications. If you use your own SMTP server, you can edit your email or change to another language, or have additional emails.  

SMTP Setup

To set this up, you'll need to ...
  1. Edit an existing webinar
  2. Go to Notifications (Marked #2 Below)
  3. Add your Email Address and Name in the email notifications (Marked #3 Below) - a popup will appear

SMTP Credentials

Now you need to go to You want 3 pieces of information from this page
  1. Server host name / SMTP Server (Marked #1 below)
  2. Port number / SMTP Port (Marked #2 below)
  3. TLS connection / Encryption (Marked #3 below)
This is information you need to paste onto your Email Notification, in the corresponding 3 places on WebinarJam Studio.

Personal Credentials

After you add those you need your personal credentials.
  1. Sender's name: What is your name on SendGrid? (Marked #1 below)
  2. Sender's Email: What is your email on SendGrid? (Marked #2 below)
  3. SMTP Username: You want your username on SendGrid? (Marked #3 below)
  4. SMTP Password: What is your password on SendGrid? (Marked #4 below)
If you need help remembering what your account information is on SendGrid, check your account settings from the right side bar.
Now can add up to 10 emails. 
Modify your emails.
Translate into another language… 
NOTE:  Avoid changing anything between #Tags# but you can see the shortcodes if you remove them or want to add them again.