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Creating a Membership Site


In the Membership section of Kartra you will be able to create, edit, and view Membership Sites. To set up a Membership Site, you can create one directly in Kartra or integrate a Site created with a third party developer. Here we will go through how to create a Membership Site in Kartra.


Creating a Membership

The first step is to select the “My Memberships” tab from the Kartra sidebar (Marked #1 below), then the “Content” tab and finally select “Memberships” from the section drop down menu (Marked #2 below). Once you are in the Memberships section you will see all your Membership Sites. Here you will be able to edit, create and view Membership Sites.

In the Memberships Section you can edit your already existing Membership Site (Marked #1 below). Or you can add a Membership Site, simply click the green add Membership button (Marked #2 below).

Next, you will want to name your Membership Site (Marked #1 below). This name is for your reference only. Once you have named your site, click Create (Marked #2 below).



The first step to setting up your Membership Site is the “Content Sections”. You will be able to go into the Karta “Builder” and add different sections to your Membership Site. Once you have created sections in the “Builder” simply click Save and Next.

In the page builder you have the option to add sidebar content and post content. Simply drag the content on the left sidebar and drag it to where you would like it to be.

You will really be able to add customization to your Membership Content in the Builder. Marked below are steps for the Builder.

  1. Drag and drop any Post Contents you would like to add.
  2. Here you can make the sidebar disappear.
  3. Click the upper left of a section to get the edit function to appear.
  4. Text editor.
  5. Green "Save & Close".



The next section is “Comments”. Here you will be able to enable or disable comments on your pages (Marked #1 below). This way you can choose any specific pages you would like visitors to be able to comment on.

From here click confirm (Marked #2 below) and then save and next.

Access Levels

The next step in your Membership Site setup is Access Levels. You are able to create one or multiple access levels in this part of the set-up. For an example, you could have Gold, Silver and Bronze membership levels. You are also able to grant access to different pages (Marked #1 below). From the drop down menu (Marked #2 below) you have the option to allow members to see the page instantly upon signup or later on (Marked #3 below).

Once you have completed your Access Levels settings, click confirm (Marked #4 below) to continue to the next section.


There are 3 options when setting up the helpdesk section of your Membership Site setup. The first option is to have no support (Marked #1 below). This option will hide the “Support” link from the top menu. The second option is use your Kartra Helpdesk (Marked #2 below). The third option is the us an External Helpdesk (Marked #3 below).

If you would like use your Kartra Helpdesk (Marked #1 below) simply use the drop down menu (Marked #2 below) to choose which helpdesk you would like to use. Once you have choose your Kartra Helpdesk click confirm (Marked #3 below).

If you would like to use your External Helpdesk (Marked #1 below) you have two options. The first option is to use your ”Support ticket Site” (Marked #2 below). Simply enter the URL to your external helpdesk (Marked #3 below). The second option is to use only email support. If you select "Only email support" you will need to enter the Customer Support Email Address.



The Post-subscription section of your set-up is used to add a welcome email and automated tasks.

Welcome Email

In the “Post-subscription” section you can easily configure a Welcome email for new members. There is two options when setting up the Welcome email. With the Basic or Advanced slider (Marked #1 Below) you can choose to use either the basic text editor to create your email or the advanced builder that allows you to add various content elements. The basic email option gives you a list of dynamic variables to use (Marked #2 below).

Dynamic variables are shortcodes that allow you to make an email sound more personal by using first name, address, or other individualized information within the email body. Simply apply the dynamic variables where you would like within the email (Marked #3 below).

The other email option is “Advanced”. In the “Advanced” option, you are able to drag different templates into the email and really customize your email notification.


Automated tasks

In the “Automated tasks” sub-section of the “Post-subscription” section, you can easily configure automatic tasks. For an example, if access to membership is granted then you may want to subscribe lead to a list or assign a tag.

To add an automation you will want to add the “IF” and “THEN” variables pictured below.

  1. Select “Lead is granted access to membership” or “Lead is revoked access to membership”
  2. Select the membership.
  3. Select access level.
  4. You are able to select a from a list of actions. For an example, “Cancel subscription” is an option.
  5. Select category.
  6. Select tag.

However, keep in mind that these options may change based on the options you choose for the IF and THEN options. After you have filled out your automation click the “Add” button and then “Save”.


Now that your content Site has been created, it's time to charge for it! The system will automatically email your new customers their username and password to the site. Proceed to create/edit your product at the My Products page.