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Campaign: Leads


Leads are people whose contact information you’ve collected through an opt-in form and have permission to email further. With Kartra you are able to nurture them through Broadcasts and Sequences through the email channel (and others) via permission marketing.

Your Leads

You can find Leads under "My Communications" in the left sidebar (Marked #1 Below), "Leads" under the top menu, and "Leads" on the dropdown (Marked #2 Below). Or, click the following: Leads.

From here you can:

Kartra Leads Tab



Seeing Your Leads

On your Leads Page you can see all your current leads. You can also search and sort them.

Sorting and Searching Your Leads

At the top of your lead list, you can sort your leads by Name or "Email or Phone".

First, let's cover some ways to look through the leads to find specific people or groups.

  • Search: By pressing the magnifying glass you search for a name, email, or people with a specific tag, or list (Marked #2 Below).
  • Advanced Search: Gives you additional ways to search for groups of Leads (Marked #3 Below).
  • Dropdowns: You can choose various options from the dropdowns, such as sorting by tags, lists, has clicked on, and more.
    • On the second (or sometimes third) dropdown, you can choose specific tags or lists (Marked #4 Below).
  • Add: Press Add to Search for these requirements in your leads (Marked #5 Below).
  • Display 20: If your sorted list is more than 20, you can choose to display more than 20 (Marked #7 Below).

After you've sorted your list you'll see the number of contacts at the top of your lead list.

Kartra Leads



Taking Action on Leads

Once you have your leads sorted, you can choose to take various actions on them. To select all the leads from your sorted list, click the circle beside "Name" at the top. If you want just specific leads, click the circle beside their names.

At the top of your lead list, you'll see the number of contacts you've sorted, and the number of leads you've selected.

Beside this, you can click the Actions dropdown (Marked #1 Below). Here you can choose actions such as adding tags, removing tags, subscribe, export, contact the segment, and other options. After the action is chosen, a popup will appear allowing you to finish setting up your actions.



Review a Lead

Beside each name you'll see a small dot.

Green Dots: When you hover over the green dot on a Lead name, it will show the date and time at which the Lead signed up.

Red Dots: Shows you various alerts. For example, if the Lead was bounced. This typically indicates the Lead is not on a particular List.

Click on the name of a Lead to view their profile information.