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Kartra Campaign: Importing Lead Lists


If you have a list of email subscribers in another Customer Relationship Management application, Email Service Provider, or Shopping Cart, you can easily import it to Kartra. This enables you to start using Kartra's Communication Capabilities to engage your previous subscribers.

The process is actually fairly simple and is made even easier when you have your list in .CSV or .TXT formats. You can also choose to add manually.

From your Lead Page click the green Import button (Marked #6 Below).


On the next screen you have two choices. Click the option below to go directly to those instructions.

  1. Import Leads File (Marked #1 Below)
  2. Manually Add Leads (Marked #2 Below)



Import Leads File

Your first step to import leads is to either drag and drop your .CSV or .TXT file in the gray box above, or click the "Browse File" button to find and import your Lead File.



Match Imported Fields

Select Field

Now you need to help the system know how to read the file you imported. Go through the fields (Marked #1 Below) and select the correct field. You may need to scroll down to find the proper field (Marked #2 Below).

Create New Field

If you cannot find the field name you need after scrolling down, press "create a new field" (Marked #3 Below) and label your field accordingly.

New Record

You may need to go through several records, so press "Next Record" if you see it in the bottom right (Marked #4 Below).



Filter Imported Leads

Uploaded is the total number of leads uploaded in this batch (Marked #1 Below).  

Failed imports are due to incorrect data in the source file (Marked #2 Below).

Duplicated Leads are leads that were listed twice in your import file (Marked #3 Below).

Kartra will only import the first one, ignoring the rest.

Blocked Leads are the most important and powerful function of Kartra (Marked #4 Below).

These are Leads that have previously been blacklisted in our system. For example, flagged as spam or abandoned. By blocking these users, your account reputation remains healthy and your deliverability ratios high!

Already Existing Leads (Marked #5 Below) are leads already in your lists.

These leads will not be loaded twice. On the next screen, if you choose to add tags, those tags will be applied to these leads. If you choose to add them to a sequence, they'll start at step 1. If they are already in the sequence, they'll stay in the same sequence step.




On this stage of your import you will see three sections where you can choose to add your imported leads to a list.  You can also choose to tag them or add the leads to a specific sequence.


Here you can choose a list from the dropdown (Marked #1 Below).

Once you select a list it will appear as a gray box with the list name. If you select the wrong list, press the x beside the list name. 

NOTE: Your Already Existing Leads will have this list added to its existing lists (if they're on any).

Tag the imported users

(Marked #2 Below) There is more than one dropdown under the first tag section. The first is category or "No Category in Particular". After you select the category, you'll be able to choose your tag.

NOTE: Your Already Existing Leads will have this tag added to their existing tags.

Add the imported users to a sequence

(Marked #3 Below) The first dropdown will let you select any of your sequences.  The Select Step dropdown will let you choose which step of the sequence you want them added to.

NOTE: Your Already Existing Leads will be added to this sequence. If they are already in this sequence they will stay on the step they were already on.


Be sure to press add (Marked #4 Below) beside each action. You'll know you've added it when a gray box with your action appears.

If you don't want to use one of the actions on your imported leads, you can toggle that action off.  All actions are toggled on below (Marked #5 Below).




Because our customers want email that has high delivery standards, you will need to fill out this questionnaire that helps us confirm the leads were collected legally.  Be sure to fill out each of the questions under each step.





In order to ensure the highest deliverability, our email import process includes some aspects of Expert Human Interaction and running leads through email verification systems on the web.

NOTE: This security feature will filter out and remove many invalid email addresses in order to protect both your emails and our own. If you see changes within the numbers of your list, it is because spam addresses have been removed from your contacts.



Manually Adding Leads

If you select "Add Manually" (Marked #2 Below) you will be taken to a screen to enter or paste your contact list. Make certain you have one contact per line, each field separated by  a comma.

Sample below:

Joe, Smith, [email protected], Los Angeles, 90225, California, 6192349349

Jane, Miller, [email protected], Miami, 47749, Florida, 6244949004