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Campaign: Lists



How Do I Use Kartra Lists?

Your email list should be built organically. This means people are joining your list because they know, like, and trust you. These list members have greater potential to become future customers.

With Kartra you have the ability to create multiple lists, which allow you greater ability to focus on that list's particular interests. This helps you keep track of your Leads by putting them together in easy-to-access groups. You may want to create a list for those interested in your webinar training, and another for those who have already purchased. You may have a list for those interested in your product creation training and yet another for the buyers. 

You can also add tags to your individual leads, which gives you greater ability to target your customers for their specific needs.

Creating and Editing Your Lists

Find Lists under "My Communications" in the left sidebar (Marked #1 Below), "Leads" under the top menu, and "Lists" on the dropdown (Marked #2 Below). Or, click the following: My Lists.

From here you can:

Kartra Leads Tab



Your Lists

On your List Page you can see, search, and sort all your current lists. You can sort by List Name or Number of Active Leads (Marked #2 Below).

  • Search: Allows you to look up the name of a specific list (Marked #1 Below).
  • Active Leads: Shows you how many active leads are in each list (Marked #2 Below).
  • Edit/Delete: Displayed under Actions. To Edit, press the pencil icon. To Delete, press the x (Marked #3 Below).
  • New List: To create a new list, click the green button (Marked #4 Below).



Create a List

On the List Page, press the green plus "List" button to create a new list.

Name of List

This is for your personal reference only and will not be displayed to your leads. There is a maximum limit of 40 characters (Marked #1 Below).

Public Description

This is the list name that your users will see when they want to subscribe or unsubscribe from your list. Make sure it is clear and easy to understand. There is a maximum limit of 80 characters (Marked #2 Below).

Once you've completed the fields, the Create button will be green! Click it and create your list (Marked #3 Below).


Kartra List Creation



List Creation Success

Once you've created a list you will see a screen similar to below.

Here you have three choices:

  • Back to "My Lists", which will take you back to See Your Lists
  • "Import Your Leads", which will take you to  "Leads" to import your list.
  • "Create an Opt-in Form", which will take you to "My Forms".


Kartra List Creation Success