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Checking the Stats of Your Memberships



Keeping track of the growth and decline of your Memberships is an essential step in improving the success of your Memberships. Kartra provides analysis of how your Memberships are being used by your customers.

From number/percentage of opens to click-through-ratios, Kartra provides a detailed look into the metrics of your broadcasts. This data can be used to help you decide how you will market or communicate with your audience going forward.

How do we check the data?

Membership Analytics

Membership analytics are located by going under My Memberships on the left sidebar (Marked #1 Below), then Analytics in the upper menu (Marked #2 Below).

Here you are presented with the statistics of your Memberships. Below you will see a chart with the most recent data captured from the Memberships you have created. The chart populates data by default from All Memberships, All Access Levels, within the Last 30 Days. However, you can use the filters above the chart to tailor the display to present the specific data you would like to see.

Filtering Data

The first filter is choosing the Membership name (Marked #1 below). When you select a name, it limits the results to the data that corresponds what that specific membership.

The second filter is choosing an Access Level (Marked #2 below).

Also, you have the Time filters. You can choose a predefined time frame from the third drop down menu (Marked #3 below). You also have the option to enter a specific date range by:

  • Clicking the Advanced Filter icon (Marked #4 below).

  • Select a date range in the fields that popup (Marked #5 below).

  • Click the blue Go button (Marked #6 below) to generate the results.

You can also isolate the trend of Subscriptions and Unsubscriptions. To isolate your Subscriptions, ensure that the Subscriptions bubble at the bottom is checked and the Unsubscriptions bubble is unchecked (Marked #7 above). Both bubbles are checked by default.

Crunching the Numbers

While the graph provides a visual of your Membership’s performance, the chart below it provides you with the hard data. The left column lists your Memberships. Next to the Membership name is a “Plus/Minus” symbol (Marked # 1 below) used to expand/collapse the list of Access levels for each membership.

The top row gives the name of the column that it sits above (Shown above). Clicking on the data in the columns will provide you with more info on the category.

  • Membership = The name of your member/access level.

  • Active = The number of active members.

  • Inactive = The number, inactive members.

  • Today = The number of members added and/or removed from membership today.

  • Yesterday = The number of members added and/or removed from membership yesterday.

  • Avrg. Retention = The percentage of members that participate in a given period.