Feedback Flow or Broadcast

This article is for: Legacy WebinarJam Users (Customers who joined prior to Sept 2017)

How does Feedback Flow Look?

By using Feedback Flow™,  also called Broadcast, you can highlight an attendee question or comment to your entire audience.  You can also highlight an admin comment.  

Anything you can imagine can be instantly mass-displayed to the entire room: testimonials from previous customers, important questions and answers, your website URL, a thoughtful quote, etc.


How do I Display Feedback Flow?

To broadcast a message, look over the chat in your sidebar, mouse over the right side and you'll see a variety of icons appear (displayed below). Click on the megaphone, or "Broadcast", to make the message display on the lower part of the screen.



How to use as a Lower Third

The presenter can write a short introduction for themselves, allowing the Feedback Flow to display their name/title and any statement they wish to make. Then, click broadcast while that presenter is speaking.

For example: 

Presenter: Regular contributing writer for Huffington Post.


Presenter: Owner of Mystic Grill