EverWebinar Schedule Configuration

This article is for: Legacy EverWebinar Users (Customers who joined prior to Sept 2017)


Scheduling an EverWebinar is a bit different from scheduling a WebinarJam Session. As you would for WebinarJam, you need to click New Webinar, and you will be taken to Confirmation.

Your first step is to click the pencil beside "Webinar Schedules" to start configuring the Everwebinar schedule. Then you have the following options:



Webinar Schedule

Marked #2 Below  

You can set up the schedule for a webinar for every day, every Monday, every Thursday, or any day or multiple days per week.

NOTE: See the red box around the time?  That is warning me that without a time it will not save. I need to add a time for that schedule to save.

NOTE: You can schedule a webinar for a single date or specific dates, however as EverWebinar is designed for Evergreen webinars which means webinars that continue.  If there is not a Webinar in the future you may get the message "Your configuration is invalid."  To remedy this set a future date and check the webinar.

After you've selected your dates, select a time.  Then you can select a time zone.  Scroll down to choose a time zone near you or add the EverWebinar only "The User's Own Time Zone," which will automatically detect the time zone near your registrants. :)

Don't forget to press the plus button (Marked #3 Below) or else your webinar will not have a scheduled time!  


Watch Yesterday's Replay

Marked #4 Below.

Some people are ready for your information right now.  And when you enable "Yesterday's Replay" they are able to see a webinar instantly.  However, as this designed to look like a replay, chat will be disabled for those attendees.  


Just In Time Schedule

Marked #5 Below.

An alternative to the replay is displaying a webinar time that is starting in just 15 minutes.  This allows them time to grab a glass of water and settle in before your webinar starts.

Real World Practices

Marked #6 Below

EverWebinar is designed to simulate real webinars. Because we just can't be everywhere all the time, and it wouldn't seem realistic if we were, you can select "Simulate real world practices; hide night schedules from" and choose a time frame that you wouldn't normally have a webinar available if you were doing them live.

One time frame you might choose is for night, you can't give a webinar while you sleep so you could choose 10 PM to 8 AM or you could choose 6 PM to 9 AM to reflect that webinars are only available during "business hours"

NOTE: You want to add a session for your first session in the morning and instead of displaying only Just in Time and Yesterday, choose display Next Two Sessions, which will display your yesterday and first session in the morning.  

Just In Time: Next Session

Marked #7 Below.

Real webinars typically start at a particular times, not 7:11 or 7:47.  So you can choose your "just in time schedule" to offer sessions every 15 minutes, so they'd be at the hour or 15, 30 or 45 minutes past the hour.  Or you can choose every 30 minutes, or only at the start of the hour.     

Again this helps you reflect a real world schedule.



Displayed Schedule

Marked #8 Below.

While you can have virtually an infinite number of future sessions in an evergreen webinar, you probably do not want to display that many.  

Here is where you can limit the number of upcoming available sessions to be displayed in the registration page, do you want 1? 3? 10? the choice is yours. If you select 1 it will show the upcoming webinar, and one available immediately after.


NOTE if you select display "Just in time and/or Yesterday's Replay" only it will delete your schedule.  And will not show a scheduled time. On the Dashboard this setting will appear as:

EverWebinar No Schedule Configured Yet

NOTE If you have "Just In Time" and "Real World Practices" you want to display next session. You will want to set up an everyday session and set up a session for everyday.




Block Holidays

Marked #9 Below.

Again, since the EverWebinar experience is designed to be like a live webinar, hosting a webinar on New Year's eve is not realistic, so you might want to block out some specific dates in the calendar.

We have already blocked off 4 dates, however you can add more holidays or other days your audience would expect you to take off from doing a webinar.


Marked #10 Below.

Some of these dates may be days you prefer to work. If so, simply press the trash can beside those days. You can also select the trash can beside any of the days you have scheduled in the Webinar Schedule from above


Short Notice Registration

Marked #11 Below.

For most people the current setting is fine, as this allows attendees to view a webinar immediately.

However, other webinars require a little bit of time. This setting allows you to block out today, today and tomorrow etc... which allows your registrants time to get the email sequence you have scheduled before them, the 3 day indoctrination series, or training. Or it can give you time to review their application before the webinar.