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Kartra Page: Adding a Facebook Pixel

Facebook and its tracking programs change continually, so always refer to Facebook for the most up to date information on Create a Conversion Pixel or other tracking methods. 


How Can I Add the Facebook Pixel to Kartra?

While Facebook recommends you put the pixel in the header, Kartra is a bit unique.

When editing your page in the Page Builder, click the Settings icon (Marked #1 Below) in the sidebar.  Then click on “Tracking Code” (Marked #2 Below).

Kartra Page Tracking



Manually Install the Code Yourself

Please follow the directions from Facebook's documentation on how to create and get your Facebook Pixel Code here:

Copy the code as seen here:

Facebook Tracking Code

The code will look similar to this:

<!-- Facebook Pixel Code -->
fbq('init', '404XXXXXXXXXXXX'); // Insert your pixel ID here.
fbq('track', 'PageView');
<noscript><img height="1" width="1" style="display:none"
<!-- DO NOT MODIFY -->
<!-- End Facebook Pixel Code -->



Where Does the Facebook Pixel Code Need to be Added to Kartra?

While the instructions on Facebook say to add the code to the <head>, you'll actually want to paste it into the Kartra <body> as seen below.

NOTE: It may take a few hours for verification to show on Facebook.

Kartra Page Tracking


How Can I Verify My Facebook Pixel is Working?

You can verify if your pixel is working correctly by downloading an application from the Chrome Web Store, which will help you verify your Facebook pixel is working on Kartra, as well as any other site. 

NOTE: This requires the use of the Chrome Browser.

Visit https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/facebook-pixel-helper/fdgfkebogiimcoedlicjlajpkdmockpc

Once you've added the code to the Kartra Page and installed the Facebook Pixel Helper, you should see a blue icon on your address bar as displayed below. Click it, and you'll see the popup.


Kartra Page Tracking


Why is my Facebook Pixel Not Working on Kartra?

One of the most common problems Kartra users have with the Facebook Pixels is adding it to the <HEAD> of Kartra instead of the <BODY>. While the Facebook instructions say to add your Pixel to the <HEAD>, for Kartra you need to add it to the <BODY> as seen below.

Kartra Page Tracking


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