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Product: Affiliate Credit for Optins



You may want your affiliates to get credit for people who Optin to your list from their list.  


Select Your Product

First you'll want to select the product you want the optin linked to.

  1. Go to Sales and Products (Marked #1 Below) 
  2. Click Products on the top menu, and Products should automatically show (Marked #2 Below) 
  3. Select the product where you want the affiliate link connection (Marked #3 Below) 
  4. Then press edit (Marked #4 Below) 



Product Affiliate Program

Now that you are editing your product, you need to go to the Affiliate section



Here you'll see a section called "Affiliate Program on Optin" Click the pencil beside it. (Marked #1 Below)

Then you will have the option to choose "No affiliate program on opt-in" or "Activate affiliate program on opt-in." (Marked #2 Below) This allows your affiliates to send traffic to your product and if they optin your affiliates get credit for that optin.

From the Dropdown, you'll need to choose an Optin Form. (Marked #3 Below)  You can choose to pay your affiliates or JV Broker a fixed amount per optin, but most users will want to leave the amount 0.