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Kartra: How to Connect A Membership to a Product


I created my membership site, but how do I sell it with Kartra?


Once you have created a membership, if you wish to sell it via one of your products, this article will cover the steps to help you get that done!




To connect your product and membership go to Sales & Products (Marked #1 Below). 

Go to Products (Marked #2 Below).

Pick the product to which you want to link your membership from the product drop down  (Marked #3 Below).

Click Edit (Marked #4 Below).




Post Sale

One you are in Edit Mode go to "Post Sale" (Marked #1 Below).

Choose "Accessing your product contents" (Marked #2 Below).




Choosing Your Content

From here, choose one of four types of content. In this case you will choose Kartra membership. By choosing this, Kartra will automatically send your customer a protected login account (Marked #1 Below).

Choose a membership program from the drop down (Marked #2 Below).

Choose an access level (Marked #3 Below).

Be sure to confirm and click to the finish.



Tracking Code

On the Finish tab you will see a tracking code. If you are using the tracking code on your landing page, copy that now.





Now that you are done setting up your product, go back to Memberships.

Click Memberships in the left sidebar (Marked #1 Below), then Content (Marked #2 Below).

There you will see the different Memberships you have available.

Click Edit on the Membership you want to finish setting up (Marked #3 Below).




Membership Post Subscription

Go through the pages until you reach the Post Subscription Page (Marked #2 Below).

On the Welcome email click the Change button (Marked #3 Below).




Add the Information

Add the shortcodes for the Login Page, Username, and Password.

You can see the different shortcodes at the top (Marked #1 Below) and in the email (Marked #2 Below).

Be sure to save until the end. Your membership and product should be connected.