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WebinarJam: Importing Webinars from WebinarJam Studio

This article is for: WebinarJam Studio Users


Transferring to the New WebinarJam

WebinarJam   EverWebinar


Your New WebinarJam account is set up and ready to use! 

You will not see your existing webinars in your new account, because the New WebinarJam is a brand new interface.  

This article will walk you through how to export your existing webinars from the old WebinarJam and EverWebinar for use in the new member area. 


Moving your webinar from WebinarJam Studio (or EverWebinar) to New WebinarJam and New EverWebinar means all your existing webinar links will become brand new links. As a result, all existing Registration Pages, Live Links and Replay links will NO LONGER WORK.

Some users find it useful to recreate their webinars on the New WebinarJam/EverWebinar interface, then redirect the original registration links and replays to the new linked page. You can use the Redirect Previous Webinar.




Exporting from WebinarJam Studio

NOTE: Once you have migrated your original webinars to the new system, old Registration Pages and Live/Replay links will no longer function.

You will need to reconfigure your Registration Pages, as the new interface has new page templates and increased customization capabilities. Previous Replays will export and be available via new page links.

Your first step is to go to WebinarJam Studio, the original version of WebinarJam.

From here, choose a webinar in either WebinarJam Studio or EverWebinar to export to the New WebinarJam.  

Under Edit, select "Export" (Marked with an arrow below).



Once you click Export you will see the following popup. It explains:

You are about to export this event to the new WebinarJam. Mind that this will literally move it to the new platform, and thus you will not find it here anymore.

Moreover, and since WebinarJam and EverWebinar are tightly linked to each other, we will move any linked webinar from both platforms.

Unfortunately, the following settings cannot be exported so you will need to log into the new platform and manually reconfigure them again for this webinar:

  1. Registration, Thank you and Countdown templates
  2. Analytics for split test registration pages
  3. Autoresponder integrations
  4. Affiliate username integration

The following events will be exported: (name of webinar)

The reconfiguration will be explained below, but be sure to click "Yes, I agree" (Marked #1 Below), then press "Yes, Proceed" (Marked #2 Below).



Exporting will take some time, especially if multiple users are simultaneously exporting.  The next screen will advise you that the transfer process can take up to an hour before the webinar appears on the new platform. The next section will explain the process after it appears on the New WebinarJam platform.




Configuring in New WebinarJam



Now login to the New WebinarJam. Choose to access WebinarJam or EverWebinar.

Once you choose the webinar you exported, you'll see the "original" webinar displayed as below.  Notice it says "Configuration Incomplete." Press the pencil (Marked #1 Below) to edit your webinar. 




Full Configuration

In WebinarJam:

You have the choice of doing a Full Configuration or Express Configuration (See Below). Please choose Full Configuration for this purpose.

In EverWebinar:

You will not have this choice. You will automatically be taken into Full Configuration.



Registration, Thank you and Countdown templates

The image below is of the Registration Page setup. On this tab, the first section is your Registration Page Builder.  

Read How to Use the Registration Page Builder.

NOTE: Changing the Webinar Name or Presenters after the Registration Page has been created means you must manually change them or the original data will appear on the page.

While we're looking at this page, you may notice there are some new sections on the Registration page Tab! 

Both the Thank You Page Template and the Countdown Template are similar to the Registration Page template.

  • The "Thank You Page" creation is on the sixth tab, "Thank You".
  • The "Countdown Template" is on the seventh tab, "Live".  The Countdown page is only displayed to registrants who go to your live webinar page before it's time for your live webinar.  




Analytics for Split Test Registration pages

Split-testing is only available for EverWebinar. To display your split-test results, create two EW registration pages. Using custom pages will not show split-test results.

Go you Webinar Registration Tab and click to "Enable Split-testing" (Marked #1). Toggle to B and add the percentage to which you want the B registration page to display (Marked #2 Below).

The registration pages you choose will display A or B (Marked #3 Below). 

As in the previous version of WebinarJam, you can see your split-testing results in analytics. However, as these will be new pages, there won't yet be registrants under 1 or 2.  




Autoresponder Integrations


The New WebinarJam and EverWebinar use API Integration for Autoresponders. If your autoresponder is not on the list, you will need to use Zapier.

Please read: Autoresponder Integration

To add your autoresponder

  1. Click the first icon, "My Account" (Marked #1 Below).

  2. Click your autoresponder (Marked #2 Below). For most, you'll need to add your API. Please visit  Autoresponder Integration for alternative instructions for some platforms.

  3. Many autoresponders will require you login to establish the connection between WebinarJam and the autoresponder in order to work.  


Add to your Webinar

Go to the Integration tab of the webinar in which you want to use tagging (Marked #1 Below).

Click the pencil beside "Email Autoresponder Integration". After you click edit it will look similar to below (Marked #2 Below).


Setting Rules

Rules are dependant on exactly which autoresponder you use. Most offer to add or remove tags. Some offer subscribe. Some offer both.

If This Happens

Now you can set up various integration rules. Under "If This Happens" you can choose from several choices such as: When they register, When they attend the Live Webinar, When They Leave Before... etc.

NOTE: For time based tagging, the tags must be at least 5 minutes apart.

Then Do This

After you set up an "If This Happens", you can choose to add a tag or remove one. 

Create Integration Rule

To add this rule to your webinar be sure to click "Create Integration Rule", using the gray button beneath the "If This Happens" and "Then Do This".

Now you can repeat the "If This Happens" and "Then Do This" steps for additional rules.


Once you are done adding all the integration rules, go to the top of the "Email Autoresponder Integration" and click Confirm. 

NOTE: If you have added several new rules, we recommend you save each step through the Webinar Finish.  


Affiliate Username integration

You will need to add your affiliate information with your WebinarJam or EverWebinar Affiliate link from Kartra.

To Get a New Affiliate Link please read: How to Become an Affiliate 

  1. Go to Integrations (Marked #1 Below).
  2. Click the Pencil beside "Embed your affiliate link into your webinar pages" (Marked #2 Below).
  3. Add your affiliate link from Kartra (Marked #3 Below).
  4. If you haven't joined the Affiliate program, press the "Click to Join" button (Marked #4 Below).

Press Confirm (Marked #2 Below) and your affiliate link will be tied to your webinars.




Redirect Previous Webinar

While this solution requires additional steps, it allows you to keep your previous links working.


New WebinarJam/EverWebinar

Create your webinar in the New WebinarJam/EverWebinar interface.  Get the registration link.


In WebinarJam Studio/EverWebinar

Edit your webinar.

  1. Under New Webinar, go to Registration  (Marked #1 below).
  2. Edit Template by clicking the Pencil (Marked #2 below).
  3. Select "Your Own Custom Design" which should be the first option (Marked #3 below).
  4. Enter the URL of your Registration Page from your new Webinar (Marked #4 below).
  5. Confirm (Marked #5 below).
  6. Then Save & Next (Marked #6 below) will be GREEN when everything is correct.

Change your Replay to a Redirect Link

To change the replay link to redirect to your new Webinar replay link: 

  • Click Redirect a URL (Marked #1 Below).
  • Insert the URL of the replay from New WebinarJam/EverWebinar (Marked #2 Below).
  • Click Confirm (Marked #3).
  • Save and next through the remainder of the webinar.

Replay Redirect URL