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Your Kartra Billing Profile

What is my Billing Profile?

In your "Billing Profile" you will find information about your invoices and usage each month.


Where Do I Find My Billing Profile?

To find your "Billing Profile" click the avatar icon in the upper right. A drop-down similar to below will appear. Click "Billing" and you will be taken to your "Billing Profile."

Kartra Billing



Payment Plans

On the left side of this page, you can see a box with the short version of your invoice, including monthly costs and usage. The top box is your "Next Bill". It shows how much and when the bill is due. The lower box is your "Last Bill", which includes how much you paid and when.

On the right side, you can see the different packages and what each one includes.


Which Package Do I Have?

On the left, you'll find your package name. On the right side, your package will have a blue box around it (Marked #1 Below). The right side includes all package limits.

Kartra subscriptions are purchased on a monthly basis.  

If you wish to upgrade or downgrade your package, the new usage allotments will go into effect the following month.  If an upgrade is triggered due to the number of leads imported exceeding the package allotment, the upgrade occurs the following month. Overages are charged based on the package subscription active at the time of their accrual.


What Are My Current Usage Stats?

On the left side, you will see your mini invoice, which includes your usage limits (Marked #2 Below). You can see: 

  • the number of leads you currently have, 
  • the number of emails you have sent,
  • the amount of bandwidth you have used. 

Bandwidth includes asset hosting and bandwidth used per month.

You can compare your usage against your package to know if it is time to upgrade your Kartra account.


Where Can I See Overage Fees?

Kartra packages each have established monthly usage allotments and additional usage fees. These fees are added to your monthly bill (Marked #3 Below) and are due with your normal package fees and on your normal billing date. 

In the case below (See Box Belox #3), where the usage fees are above the monthly allotment. In the case below, the bandwidth went over package limits on the previous month. This can happen if you upload a large number of videos during a single month, or have a lot of views. 

If you know this month was an exception on your usage, you may not want to upgrade. 

Kartra Billing Payments

How to Upgrade

Click the green "Upgrade" button on the package you desire. Your new usage allotments will go into effect the following month. Overages are charged based on the package subscription active at the time of their being incurred. 

Overages for email and bandwidth usage are charged based on fees with the Kartra End User Agreement, but are also available in the Kartra Billing Policies.

Your account will automatically be upgraded the following month if your leads exceed your package allotment.


Why Do You Have Overage Fees?

Kartra has established monthly usage allotments for each package. Excess usage also called overage will result in overage fees, which are based on factors including usage, demands, and third-party charges.

Your account will automatically be upgraded the following month if your leads exceed your package allotment.

Overage fees have been established for email usage, asset hosting and bandwidth, and hostname. These fees and limits are indicated in the Kartra End User License Agreement. The fees and limitations will be updated from time to time. We strive to make these fair for all users.



Payment History

By clicking the "Payment History" tab (Marked #1 Below), you can see:

  1. Invoice: Invoice number and date paid.
  2. Plan: Which plan you had during that billing period.
  3. Leads: The number of leads or contacts you had during that billing period.
  4. Emails: The number of emails you sent during that billing period.
  5. Bandwidth: The amount of bandwidth you used during that billing period
  6. Action: A button to download your invoice as a PDF

How Do I Download My Invoice?

In the "Action" column there is a button/icon with a piece of paper (Marked #2 Below). Click this to download your invoice.

Kartra Billing Invoices



Payment Details

By clicking the "Payment Details" tab (Marked #1 Below), you'll see the last four digits of your credit card (Marked #2 Below) that is on file with our payment processor, along with the address used.


Can I Change My Credit Card?

On this page you can change your credit card or billing information. Just be sure to enter all the information correctly and press "Save Changes" (Marked #3 Below).

Kartra Billing Details