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What kind of WebinarJam demos and training are available?

This article is for: Legacy WebinarJam Users (Customers who joined prior to Sept 2017)
We have a variety of ways you can learn more about WebinarJam with


WebinarJam Demo

On our WebinarJam Sales Page, Andy demonstrates our software and discusses some of the features.
You can view it here:

or on the sales page here: 



WebinarJam Tutorials

Inside the WebinarJam's member's area, under New Webinar>Tutorial there is a full tutorial video of the process of setting up a new webinar. In addition, each step contains an instructional video at the top of the page.

When you're ready to do your live webinar, there are videos at the top of the place where you access your links (click get your links and the video appears).

You can also see Donna give a full demonstration and deep dive into EverWebinar Features by attending the EverWebinar training!



WebinarJam Articles

Search our WebinarJam Knowledgebase 


WebinarJam Quick Guide

We also have a quick guide to setting up your webinar. We strongly recommend that you do at least a couple sessions with friends so you can relax and test. 


Read Jamming with Friends


Following the steps here to starting your webinar will ensure a smooth experience each time!



See Others Using WebinarJam

Visit our Webinar marketplace, where you can see how hundreds of people are using WebinarJam Studio: http://app.webinarjam.com/ondemand