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Forward your WebinarJam links to an EverWebinar

This article is for: Legacy EverWebinar Users (Customers who joined prior to Sept 2017)

So you finally have that great WebinarJam session that you want to convert into an EverWebinar... but what happens to all those people who might still register or watch the replay on your WebinarJam session?   

They could still watch the replay, but the better option is to forward them to your EverWebinar!  



In EverWebinar

You are going to create an EverWebinar session based on a WebinarJam session

Make any changes necessary as you set up the EverWebinar session, then once you are done go to the My Webinars tab on the left and get your Webinar Invitation link (Marked #1 Below). You don't have to use the links marked #2 and #3 for this setup.



Go to WebinarJam

Change the registration page

You'll want to edit your WebinarJam
  • Go to the Registration Tab (Marked #1 Below)
  • Click the pencil (Marked #2 Below)
  • Select "Your own Design" (Marked #3 Below)
  • Use your EverWebinar Registration Link (Marked #4 Below)
  • Confirm (Marked #5 Below)
  • Save and Next


Change the Replay to a Redirect Link

After your Webinar is over, you may wish to Redirect the webinar to another webinar, your own Website, or to another video.  With this option you can easily do so.

Edit Your Webinar, then Replay, then click the down arrow beside "Replica Replay"

  • Click Redirect a URL (Marked #1 Below)
  • Insert Your EverWebinar registration (Marked #2 Below)
  • Then Click Confirm (Marked #3)

​Save and next through the remainder of the webinar

Replay Redirect URL