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Payment Gateway: PayPal


Can I add Paypal as a Payment Gateway?

Yes, PayPal can be integrated as a Payment Gateway. You can also use a PayPal account that is already connected to another cart as long as that cart does not have limitations on allowing additional connections.

What if I have more than one PayPal?

If you have more than one PayPal account, you will repeat the process below for each setup. Just be careful to watch which PayPal you are adding to your products so you can make certain your funds are going to the correct place.



What is PayPal?

Connecting PayPal as a Payment Gateway is a great way to accept payments for your products. It is also one of the largest online payment processors in the world and is recognized by most people.


Get PayPal Business

We recommend having a PayPal Business account.

If you don't have PayPal Business, visit "Setting up your Business Account". To upgrade your personal PayPal, there should be a button to upgrade on your PayPal Profile.



Where do I add PayPal to Kartra?

In order to Integrate PayPal, you will want to click My Integrations (Marked #1 Below) on the sidebar. This should take you directly to Integrations. If not, click Integrations (Marked #2 Below) in the top menu.

From the drop down box, you can also choose "Payment" (Marked #3 Below).  This will solely display the four payment gateway integrations.

NOTE: You will see a green checkmark next to any integrations you have already set up.

Kartra Payment Integrations


Each of the Payment Gateways has their own little box.

You want to click the three dots (marked #1 Below) under the "PayPal" logo.

This will pull up a black menu that will look similar to below. You want to press "New Integration" (Marked #2 Below). This will open a new popup, as displayed below.

Kartra PayPal Connect


How Can I Connect PayPal?

Press the Connect Button (Marked #3 Above). If you aren't logged into your PayPal

Log into PayPal at the prompt. Be sure you are logged into your business account.

Next, you'll see a screen similar to below. PayPal is advising you that "You are giving permission to Kartra to access specific information in your account and take actions on your behalf" which is correct and necessary to receive money. This connects your PayPal to Kartra

NOTE: If the popup below does not appear, you may need to try on a different browser or in an incognito window. Certain browser extensions can prevent the popup from appearing.

NOTE: If you see "Only Business or Premier Accounts can grant this permission" Please visit "Setting up your Business Account. and upgrade your personal PayPal, there should be a button to upgrade on your PayPal Profile.



This popup should close and take you back to Kartra. And the Kartra Integration will ask for your PayPal PDT Token.

However; you will need to now login to PayPal to get your next piece of information, the PayPal PDT Token.

What is the PayPal PDT Token?

The PDT Token is a Payment Data Transfer. This is PayPal's secure method of transferring customer purchase data securely back to Kartra so you have a record of the transaction.


Kartra Payment Integrations



How Do I Get the PayPal PDT Token?

To configure your account for Kartra, you'll need this to get PayPal to tell Kartra if your customer has paid or refunded. If you do not have PDT Token, you will need to set one up.

Business Profile Tools

Log in to your PayPal account and Go to https://www.paypal.com/businessprofile/mytools

You can also go to Profile (Marked #1 Below). Then choose "Profile and Settings" (Marked #2 Below). Then Business Tools (Marked #3 Below). 

Once you are on Business tools go to "Website Preferences. (Marked #4 Below).


PayPal Tools


On the Screen that follows, turn on "Auto Return for Website Payments" (Marked #1 Below)

For Return URL, enter https://Kartra.com (Marked #2 Below). You can also enter your own website if you prefer.

Turn on "Payment Data Transfer" (Marked #3 Below). Your PDT token will not appear until you have saved the page.

Scroll all the way to the bottom and press save. 


PayPal PDT


This will take you back to your Business Profile Settings. https://www.paypal.com/businessprofile/settings

Go back to https://www.paypal.com/businessprofile/mytools

Again go to "Website Preferences. 

Under "Payment Data Transfer" you will now see the long identifying key as displayed above.




How Do I Add the PDT Token to Kartra?

Go Back to Kartra. Paste in PDT Token. (See Below)

Now the "CREATE" Button should be green, click it to save your Payment Gateway.


Kartra Payment Integrations


What if I have trouble integrating PayPal?


If for any reason you cannot complete the integration on PayPal, feel free to refresh the page (F5 on most browsers or for a "hard refresh" Windows: Ctrl + F5 Mac/Apple: Apple + R or command + R) to start the process over again on Kartra.

Business Error

If you see the error below, then you don't have PayPal Business, visit "Setting up your Business Account". To upgrade your personal PayPal, there should be a button to upgrade on your PayPal Profile.

Kartra PayPal Error

Wrong PDT

You can delete your PayPal Integration and create a new integration. Otherwise, you can send in a support ticket to Kartra Ticket with your PDT information and they can replace the information for you.