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How do I Set up Split Testing in EverWebinar?

This article is for: Legacy EverWebinar Users (Customers who joined prior to Sept 2017)

With EverWebinar, you can do Split Testing.

But What is Split Testing? 

Split testing allows you to configure two different registration pages, different headers, or different content.  Then track which one scores a better conversion rate so that you can, over time, increase the likelihood that your potential attendees will register. 
NOTE: You'll only get one registration link and traffic will be sent to version A or version B in the percentage you set up. You can refresh to see the other version.  So if you set up 60/40 then you would be sent to version A more than version B.
NOTE: If you wish EverWebinar analytics to track those conversions, you must choose from the pre-designed, high converting templates available to you in your Registration set-up. Split testing will not function using your own custom landing pages.

How do I enable Split Testing? 

Simply Edit Webinar,
  1. Go to the Registration Tab (Marked #1 Below)
  2. Click the pencil beside "Registration page and process" (Marked #2 Below)
  3. Click Enable Split Testing (Marked #3 Below)
  4. Add a number to the box beside Version B to assign a percentage of visitors. (Marked #4 Below)
  5. After filling out the required areas click Confirm.  If you are unable to click confirm, then check to see if you have a red box around any of the areas.  That box indicates that there is some sort of error.  (Marked #5 Below)
Now your Split Testing should be all set up!