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What Size Does my Image Need to be?

This article is for: Legacy WebinarJam Users (Customers who joined prior to Sept 2017)

WebinarJam and EverWebinar use images in several different places.  As such there are several different size images you may need. Each image size mentioned below is a recommended Width x Height.  
NOTE: Because your registrants are using a variety of monitor sizes, browser types, and devices, your image may not show up perfectly for everyone.
Presenter Images - need to be at least 80x80px.  However the registration pages pull images from the presenter page, so we recommend 130 x 130px.  Please use a square image, otherwise the image may distort and your presenter image will look weird.   
Template Images Because there are so many templates available, any one size may not be ideal.
Background Template Images -  The page auto-resizes the image to take up the max width/height of the internet browser, so the image must be large enough to fit a standard browser size. For most of these, however a 1274x780 to 1600x900 will work. Make sure the image is properly compressed so it doesn’t take ages to load!  NOTE: This is a general size and may vary.
NOTE on Background Images: If you have text or information, it may be covered by the clock or registration form.  Even if you size the text around the registration form for your browser, it will not show up perfectly for everyone as your registrants will be using various sizes of monitors, various browsers and various devices.
Template Videos: On the templates, you simply add the YouTube link, and the page auto-resizes them to fit the registrant's browser, monitor, and settings.  This may mean the video is smaller, larger, closer to your presenter image or further away based on what you are viewing the template on. 
Images with Text beside them - Most templates can use either a 414 x 414 or a 660 x 660 image.  If you upload a 660 x 660 image our program will size it appropriately for the template and for the internet browser.  Again Make sure the image is properly compressed so it doesn’t take ages to load!  
NOTE: this is a general size and may vary. For example, on some templates if you have a lot of text, you may be able to have an image that is longer than it is tall, as such you may be able to use a 670x900px image. 
Pop In Offers - The pop-in offer images need to be a vertical rectangle in shape,  200x300 should do nicely!