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Campaign: Why Your Administrative Profile is Critical


Administrative Profile is possibly the most important thing you will set up in Kartra! First and foremost, this is where you will find your personal details. More importantly, this is where you set your business details.

Let’s get started!

How Do I Access My Administrative Profile?

To get to your Profile, click on the silhouette of a head in a circle that appears in the upper right of every page in Kartra - don’t worry, you’ll be able to replace that silhouette with a photo of your choosing - and click on Profile.


What to Do Within Your Administrative Profile

Your Profile is where you’ll fill in the usual details like name, address, phone number, and also update your password - as well as uploading a great looking profile picture! But the reason your profile is so important is because of the information about your business that you will enter here.

Your logo and business name are added here and are used throughout Kartra wherever you choose. For example, when creating an email, you can easily drag and drop your logo without the need to upload it every time!

Sales Tax ID

Next, and even more important for an online business, is the addition of your Sales Tax ID. This number is known in the US as your Federal Tax ID Number or your Employer ID Number (FEIN). If you are in the EU, you may use your VAT (or Value Added Tax) ID Number here. In Australia and New Zealand, the number will be the Goods and Services Tax (or GST) ID. We recommend finding out what tax number may be required in your area for selling goods and services.

Additionally, on the list are fields for your website and social media pages. Similar to your logo and company name, these details can be easily added throughout Kartra such as when creating pages!

With your Profile fully completed, branding your content and your communications has never been easier!