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Testing before your Live Webinar is extremely important. During a LIVE webinar, acting as a presenter and simultaneously watching as an attendee is not recommended as it takes up too much of your internet bandwidth, computer resources, and may cause disruptive feedback.

By testing, you can see how everything in WebinarJam works, including ensuring all Settings are accurate, if your poll looks the way you wish it to, if your presenter remembered to wear headphones, and practice how to handle the delay.  


So, how do you test?  Great question... first tip:  


You don't want to test with your live webinar. Doing so can cause problems within your live room when you're actually ready to host the live webinar.

Fortunately, WebinarJam offers two other ways to test.


Run a Test

 First, you can click the "Test Your Webinar" button  (Marked #1 Below).

NOTE: Test Your Webinar clones your webinar behind the scenes, so this test will not have the same webinar code.

NOTE: As this is a Test Webinar, registrants will not appear in analytics, notifications will not be sent out, and it will not appear in the "On Demand Marketplace". If you wish to test these aspects you will want to use Clone Test.


In the popup that appears, you should see "Webinar Test".  Be sure it says "Webinar Test" so your Live webinar will not have any complications from being mistakenly broadcast. Click "Presenter links".

Remember that until you, the Host, opens the room, no other presenters or attendees can go into the webinar room.  Follow normal Enter Room Procedures.

Still unsure? We've actually created a video outlining this process for you below. Be sure to check it out!

See all the Steps to Start A Webinar for further reading. 




Clone Test

If you want to test the registration page or analytics, simply clone your webinar, change the name (so you can easily spot your real webinar from your test), and change the time. Then, test away!

Visit My Webinars.

Click the second icon beside the webinar you want to clone. When you mouse over you'll see Clone (Marked #2 Below).



Things to Test

There are several things you may want to test to gain a comfort level with the feature set and make certain your live webinar runs smoothly.  

Test the Control Panel

The sidebar control panel has most of the same elements as the Full Control Panel. However, it's much easier to see if you can handle moderating chat while simultaneously running the webinar, or if you need to bring in a moderator.

A moderator can use the full control panel link, and watch as an attendee, which allows for eyes in all the important places.

You can also make certain you understand how the videos play, polls display, and offers show in the sidebar.

NOTE: Most webinar owners and active presenters prefer using the sidebar instead of the control panel. The control panel link is a full page layout of the sidebar features, and is more useful to moderators.  



Test as an Attendee

We recommend watching your webinar as an attendee in another browser or having a friend watch on their laptop or desktop. This can help you see how long the delay is and verify that you do not have any issues.  



Get Comfortable with the Delay

The delay is only 7 to 10 seconds. But, testing allows you to adjust to it, however small. After several tests, many of our users find they don't even notice the delay any longer!

It's all about managing the delay and knowing how to speak to your audience in a way which compensates for the short time between you speaking, them hearing you, and then providing you with their responses. This is something even News Anchors have to become accustomed to. Don't worry, you'll be like the pros in no time!

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Involve Your Presenters

If you have multiple presenters, a quick run through is extremely important! 

You'll also find out that not all your presenters have earbuds or headphones. You'll hear an echo effect or odd feedback noise if they don't wear a headset. They will need to get headphones or be on mute for most of the webinar. 

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