WebinarJam Error: Watch this on YouTube

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YouTube has some restrictions that can prevent videos from being embedded on other sites including within the WebinarJam and EverWebinar programs. This means someone watching your video will likely see: "Error Loading YouTube" or "Watch This Video on YouTube" both indicate that embedding has likely been turned off.

Where You'll See this With WebinarJam

If you login as an attendee or your attendees say they see "Watch this video on YouTube. Playback on other websites has been disabled by the video owner" your account has been impacted.





If you see your test video, then all is well with your account.



Where You'll See this With EverWebinar

With EverWebinar, you may see this error when you check the Webinar you created from an "External Video file" and used a YouTube video.


How to Check

To check the issue go to your YouTube Video

  • Click Share (Marked #1 Below)
  • Click Embed (Marked #2 Below)
  • Look for "Embedding Disabled by Request" (Marked #3 Below)


How to Enable Embed

You can only fix videos on your own channel.  

  • If the video is on your channel go to My Videos on YouTube. (Marked #1 Below)
  • Click the down arrow (Marked #2 Below)
  • Click Info and settings (Marked #3 Below)


Info and Settings

  • On Info and settings (Marked #1 Below)
  • Scroll Down, Click Advanced Settings (Marked #2 Below)
  • Scroll Down to Distribution Options, Check "Allow Embedding" (Marked #3 Below)