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EverWebinar Analytics and Split-Test Analytics

This article is for: WebinarJam Studio Users

Ever Webinar Analytics can seem a bit confusing at first glance, as your sign up rate may suddenly seem to drop.  But first let's cover how to find your analytics, then what these terms mean.  
  • Visit Analytics (Marked #1 Below) 
  • Choose your webinar from the drop down, then session (Marked #2 Below)
  • Click the down arrow beside "Analytics: Traffic" (Marked #3 Below) or "Analytics: Split Test"
NOTE: Split testing Analytics will only work if you must choose from the pre-designed, high converting templates available to you in your Registration set-up. Split testing will not function using your own custom landing pages.

Unique visitors

If someone signs up for the webinar from work, they are marked as one unique visitor. A cookie is created here, so their next visit from their work computer won't be marked as "unique". However, there is no cookie on their home computer. So, if they log into the webinar from home, they will appear to be a second unique visitor.

Split Test Unique visitors

With the split testing, the numbers won't add up exactly as your webinars run because the "unique visitor" is actually just reading a cookie from their computer.  So the login from home won't record to the split testing, because they are accessing the live room, or maybe the replay room, directly, and are bypassing the registration page.




The Registrants under Traffic is per session. In this case Saturday at 12. This doesn't count the other times the webinar is offered per week, or the "just in time" or "yesterday's replay."  Each of these will have their own total registrants.

Split Test Registrants

The Registrants under Traffic is per session. While the Split Test is the split test results registrants for all sessions.


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