Microphones and Cameras

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WebinarJam is designed to work with any USB microphone or camera.  While you only need the standard webcam that comes with your computer, the best setup you can afford is recommended to optimize your picture.  

Here are some specific recommendations based on what we use.

See Audio and Video Troubleshooting




The Logitech C920 is the great web camera.  It is a $99 HD video recording device that will plug into your computer. This is also the camera used by most of our customers.


HDMI Hardware

The Canon XF305 does everything really well. You can even shoot feature films with it if you wanted to. You can shoot interviews, you can take it to live events and use it to record your own events. This is an all around great camera.

The Cannon 60D is a DSLR.  It runs about $500 plus a lens. This makes some of the most beautiful video images you’ve ever seen for under $15,000.



Audio Technica 2020+.

Sennheiser USB headset 

Blue Yeti Pro 


Headsets and Earbuds 

We strongly recommend using headset or earbuds, and is a must if you have multiple presenters.  This way your microphone doesn't pick up their sound.

If you still have echoing with multiple speakers, we recommend muting your speakers when not talking.


Using HDMI Hardware

In the video below, Andrew (Manager of Video Marketing) explains how he uses the Magewell XI100 to use an HDMI camera. 

This video is offered as as a courtesy only. WebinarJam does not guarantee third party hardware such as this will work for everyone. We strongly recommend testing before going live.